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Had a heart attack three weeks ago. Had stent inserted, although I am nit sure where. The cardiac nurse team have been in touch and I shall be seeing them on 17th November. Also my heart rhythm and beat is not correct and I have been referred to Professor O`Neal , so am left in limbo not sure what I should be feeling. On top of this I have chronic sciatica and following MRI the cardiac team have referred me to a neurologist and I await that appointment. Just seems as everything is do slow!

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  • Morning , you should be feeling fragile and shocked . After three weeks your body is still coming to terms with what has happened ,that said of course you are very lucky to have survived and are now on the long process of recovery . . Abnormal rhythm etc will pass just take it easy and listen to your body. I feel for you with chronic sciatica it is extremely painful the MRI hopefully will have pinpointed the problem. Unfortunately every thing does seem slow , but you must start to think in months not weeks for progress .

    I hope this is useful.

  • Thanks for you advice I am taking it day by day, my concern is that in June I had an episode which I now believe was a mild heart attack. I did go to my gp who sent me for ecg which came back with an abnormal reading, so I was sent for another one this came back the same I was then sent for heart ultra sound which came back ok so I was told the earlier ecg`s was just a blip and nothing else was done. Following the stent fitting these abnormal ecg reading are still showing. To say I am a little cross with my gp is an understatement, she should have referred me then. I am trying to go along the lines that cannot turn clock back and not get cross but cannot help the way I feel. Just hope I can get this sorted asap. Having read other posts on here I can honestly say I have not suffered any chest pain following stent insertion, although that may be because the sciatica is so unbearable. But I am being positive.

  • GP are not as competent as cardiac team and can misread ECG reports ,also AF looks the same to non cardiac staff. Look it up but don't be to concerned. Getting cross is not ideal, have they referred you to cardiac rehab ???.

  • Yes booked into cardiac rehab on 17/11 so not too long a wait.

  • I Wish you the Best of Luck on November 17th , i am 6 months post 3 stents ,no chest pains since-but feeling my heart miss or quicken beats, scary feeling , , have episodes of feeling sick,stomach pains ,lost 3 stone ,or 48 pounds since stents fitted , in April this year , , now iweigh 9 stones ,or 126 pounds ,. take care of yourself , Gill .

  • Regarding sciatica here are a few things that helped me tremendously with it: Chiropractic - if it is available to you, specific stretching exercise that take the pressure off the nerves that create the pain, also specific exercises that strengthen core muscles, and massage, to name a few. I did these things after not having success going the traditional medical route. No more sciatica pain for me now. Hope these can be of some help for you too.

  • Have seen physiotherapist and have gentle excercise. The MRI shows protrusion of 3 discs 2 are pushing on to sciatic nerve so hoping the appt with neurologist will not be long. The pain killers I have been given are now kicking in and these I can top up with paracetamol do feeling a little easier today.

  • Don't let it get you down. Your body has been though the mill just needs time to get back to what it used to be before the attack. Take it as a wake up call yes your down now but look to the future eat the right stuff don't get anxious over pains take lots of walks . I know its easier said then done but there are so many benefits now .

    Take care.

  • Morning. I have only just started on this site, I think it is great and i hope to b able to help.I suffered 2 heart attacks 2 years ago. It has taken me a long time to get over mine. I have been lucky plenty of support from friends and family. The worst time a I look back now as when I was in limbo, between my attacks and my re hab appointment, I didn't really know where to turn , so I did nothing. In hindsight I think I would ring the cardiac team of nurses up especially as they have already been in touch. They are the specialists in their field.

    I know it is easy to say be patient, but honestly, we have to do that. Every day still is a challenge for me, a nice challenge tho, I can do a little more each day still.,, only tiny tiny steps....To pass the time I could only read magazines, do puzzles of all kinds jigsaw and crosswords etc... It does seem ages but it does improve honestly. I am now back to playing badminton, pilates, able to take my dog for a walk alone, manage our house, shopping, and walk for long distances especially when I am raising money for different charities. I also had a special program at a local gym to help my heart strengthen...

    I do hope this helps even just a little.I still think of it as a big jigsaw puzzle, where I am only finding 1 bit at a time......

    Take care. Keep in touch

  • I had a heart attack nearly 3 months ago and I'm only now having the stent put in ......?

  • I had a heart attack nearly 3months ago and I'm only now having the stent put in

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