Restless Legs Syndrome
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Polyradiculoneuropathy & Restless Legs Syndrome

After years of suffering sever RLS I hear about a well updated and popular Orthopedist and decided to share my RLS history with him, after we discussed my case he send me for a new EMG and NCV tests and the result was concluded as :

Polyradiculoneuropathy; but Qudaequina SX.couldnot be excluded. MRI is recommended ( numbness in feet )

With all my med history, including those test results, My Doctor was convinced that my nerve roots leaving spine through back bone nerve tunnel were under the pressure of inflammation within the tunnel, so he gave me 2 injection adjust to the erea on my back bone to ease the inflammation and he also prescribe half tablet of Tizanidine 4 every night and Naproxen 500 every 12 hours + CM topical lotion applying on my foot 3 times a day.

From that day ( 18 th of march ) I did not take my routine meds of Indomethacin 75mg + Gabapentine 300 mg and since then I did not have any painful tingling attacks on my foot, this could be by chance because previously in past I had calm foot for several days but I have a good feeling of getting positive results from my new treatment.

I am supposed to visit my Doc this coming Wednesday to proceed my treatment and I would be happy to share my further treatment plan. Thanks

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Thank you for this information and hope all goes well with you today. I would like to hear the outcome.


Thanks I will be back soon.


How fantastic - I do hope it works. It's so good to hear positive news! x


Interesting news as I also have similar symptoms in both feet. Hope you get more good news after seeing your doctor. It is always good to hear how other people cope with RLS Good Luck and thank you for sharing it with everyone.


Thanks, I hope too and I wish and prey for long lasting improvement for all RLS sufferers. I promise to give a detailed reports of my case and at the same time I would share my search results on this issue.

About Dr. Ejtehadi, he is young but well devoted to his carrier I had an appointment for 11 pm but I got in at 2 am because of many patients his time spending with patients .After me there were still patients waiting there, his secretary said he works till 4 am !!! . I realized that he asks every patient after they get their prescribed meds bring them over for his final check and approvement to make sure patients get their right meds with redirected dosages and timing.


Sounds like a good man.....hope you get on ok and keep us posted.....



Please keep us posted. This subject is of interest to me..


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