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RLS-UK Newsletter April 2013


Hi all,

Many of you may wonder what the RLS-UK Newsletter looks like and the sort of material you might expect to find in it. The link below will bring to to the rls-uk.org website, where you can download a copy of our most recent Newsletter. We are doing this as a one-off to encourage those who have not yet joined our charity to consider doing so.

Our next Newsletter (which will be sent in early June) will contain information on our AGM, which is only open to RLS-UK charity members and at which we will have a number of RLS Specialists as guest speakers. The next Newsletter will also provide information on International RLS Awareness Day on 23rd September, as well as details of the activities we are planning around this date.

The Newsletter which is produced four times per year is sent to all RLS-UK charity members.


Thanks and regards,

Daragh, Chair RLS-UK

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An excellent idea to give non members an idea of what is included in a Newsletter and what they are missing.

Looking forward to receiving the June newsletter. :)


Me to :)

Daragh, can I use Paypal to join up as a member? I remember using up my last cheque some time ago and not bothering with another book. I agree with the sentiment previously stated on this site, that we often feel isolated and left to work out for ourselves, how to try to deal with RLS. The stronger we can become as a group, then hopefully as a group we can press for more progress and better outcomes.

DaraghAdministrator in reply to genorm

Hi genorm,

We would do not yet have the ability to do electronic membership so would, for now, prefer that payment is made via cheque or postal order accompanied by a membership form (and completed gift aid form if you can) and posted to us. The forms can be printed from our website rls-uk.org - thank you so much for your support. It's very encouraging...


DaraghAdministrator in reply to Daragh

Hi genorm,

I forgot to mention that you can also set up a standing order from our website, same page as the membership form. Hopefully that might help?

Thanks again, Daragh

HI, I would love to join the UK Foundation myself, even though I am in the US, as I have many, many members in my groups from the European Union and the UK. Would that be ok? We have lots of members in the US foundation from other countries, and sharing information would be a great thing, since I am constantly trying to educate myself on the UK health care system, and RLS is universal. ;)

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