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Anyone suffer from Itchy burning skinwhen using Nuepro Patches?

Does anyone using the Nuepro patches suffer from itchy and burning skin? I also find that where the patches have been are red and sore for about 3 weeks so I'm finding it difficult to find fresh healthy skin to put the patches on. They have in general worked well for me so I'm loath to give them up. If you have suffered in this way what have you used to relieve the soreness?

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hi, yes i had this problem with them when i used them, allthough like you i can say they did work, if my skin got really sore i used a little germoline at the site. I would use the patch on one thigh for a week, then switch to the other, to give that one chance to recover. I also had trouble with adhesion


Thanks I'll try Germoline


use the gremoline to soothe the sore skin, not when the patch is in that area, it will stop the patch sticking,


Towards the end of the 24 hours when the patch needs changing I find it is irritating and burning. I think once you remove the patch it is not supposed to go in the same place for 14 days which means finding a new spot every 24 hours to rotate over a 14 day period can be inconvenient (especially if hairy) They can be difficult for sticking. I have started to warm them before application and find they do stick fine, also if you have a greasy skin wipe with a little Witch Hazel and dry off before applying the patch.


yes thats when it bothered me most, a few hours before the change was due, weird one isnt it


The adhesion is what the problem is, I bet...anytime they

stick anything on me like those heart monitor sticky tags

during surgery, I get a very angry looking mark on my skin..

When I wore one for birth control 10 yrs ago, they would itch

and bother me so I switched to something else..I was told

that the patch needs to be placed on the other side of me

when it's time for changing..

Good luck..I hope that it doesn't fall off if you use something to

lessen the harshness..


Oddly enough I change at 6pm daily, and it's itching and burning like sodding hell! Lucky enough that it does deep to carry on after I change it.

I have been trying to find a way to quell the itchyness. I had to stick one back on with plasters before..


Hi yes I change my patch at 12:30 every day and I find it burns and is very itchy and when I remove it I have a dry patchy bit of sore skin :-( but it works great for me!


Better to itch than twitch!

I sometimes scratch in my sleep till I bleed, but still use 'em because nothing else works as well. I use duct tape to hold them on, and the adhesive in the tape doesn't cause the raised skin and horrible itching for some reason. Hydrocortizone seems to help w/the itch and broken skin. I'm wondering (since it's easy to run out of skin) if it works below the elbow or knee. Has anyone tried it there?


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