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Do you have tips about using Neupro patches to avoid re-inventing the wheel?

RLS UK is going to gather together forum user’s tips and experiences of using various drugs for treating RLS and add them to the ‘Treatment’ section of the RLS UK website ( In the future, if someone is prescribed something new or their doctor makes a new recommendation, they will be able to view information about that drug in one place rather than search through old blogs and questions or ask a question that has previously been answered.

At present, we have no information on the website about Neupro patches so we’d like to start with that. 'Neupro' is the product name for a 24 hour skin patch which contains rotigotine. It is made by UCB. We are looking for bullet point style tips and comments which are likely to apply to most people. Please do not include any doctor’s names. We do not want to duplicate information that is already in the product leaflet.

To start the ball rolling, here are some of my tips about using patches.

The patches work best for me if I:

· take the patch out of the fridge at least 10 mins before I need to apply it. This helps it to stick to my skin and start working more quickly

· apply the patch and then secure it using 2 plasters (Sainsbury’s own brand ‘Sensitive’ ones are the only ones which have not irritated my skin)

· apply the next patch after 24 hours or so but leave the existing one on for a period so that the new one has time to start working. I think it takes a little while for the new patch to kick in

What works for you? Do you have any advice about the dosage, side effects, how to store them etc? As people add their tips and comments, if there is something that has worked for you too, please reply 'me too'. This will give us an idea about which tips seems to be the most useful. Please do not criticise someone else's comments as there is no wrong answer. We have forum users from all over the world so it would be also useful to state your country, especially if you mention something that only applies to your country. For example, Sainsbury's is an English supermarket!

Many thanks for your help.

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I find they work better for me on my uppers arms.

Hold it on with the palm of my hand and count to 20....

Never go above the recommended dose, if the 3mg doesnt work, then you are probably getting augmentation and a higher dose will only delay getting augmentation again.

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Add on....i am in the UK...


I've used Neupro Patches did as i was told ....

Keep in fridge.... take out few mins before placing on skin would stick on they're own even if i had a bath with one ohhhh one word of warning if bathing with patch on it's stings like hell,,

I used the Patches for nearly 2 weeks then notcied my RLS went crazy after 2 night of no sleep decided to stop using the patches took a further 3 nights to get out my system so 6days and 5 nights of hell guess my body was fighting against the Neupro Patches and so didn't work for me :(

I did try them again few weeks later couldn't even take 2 days on them ,


As a former user of Ropinirole, I've been using the patch for a year and it was brilliant until recently, so my opinions are that:

1. Yes, for the first few days the symptoms went crazy (ref gypsy63 above), but eventually the results were far superior to the pills

2. Augmentation WILL happen eventually, as I guess is happening in my case

3. As a male, finding a non-hairy part of the body can be difficult if one is to avoid using the patch on the same part of the body over a 14-day cycle. The manufacturers recommend shaving potential stick-on areas at least 3 days in advance of application, but this is a real hassle, never mind remembering which areas haven't been used during the previous fortnight (I'm thinking of having a numbered map tattoo'd onto my skin as a reminder!!).

4. After removing a patch, I find the area itches like mad for days afterwards - sometimes for weeks if it's in an area where chafing from clothes occurs (thanks romany53 for the tip re Germoline)

5. Unlike romany53, application to my thigh area is a definite no-no - I can guarantee a totally sleepless night if I do this

6. I have no trouble keeping the patch in place, so no need to reinforce with sticking plaster, etc. (The exception would be areas of excessive perspiration when on holiday, such as the flanks)

7. No side effects experienced

8. My overall impression that the efectiveness of these patches is greatest when they are applied to areas containing the least fatty tissue (i.e. shoulder, breastbone, flanks etc.)


I do not understand the refrigeration....No one ever told me to refrigerate my Neupro patches.....Further more, it very clearly states on the paper that comes in the box with the patches that the patches should be stored in 68 to 77 degrees. Obviously the refrigerator is too cold for them.


Sessions, if you live in the USA, then you have no need to refrigerate the patches. In the UK and Europe we have to keep our patches in the fridge to stop them forming crystals. The USA pulled the patches from the market a few years ago because they didnt like that they had to be kept in the fridge...!! The drug company had to reformulate the patch so they could be approved for use again in the States. They have been available again since July last year.

Hope that explains it...


Thank You Elisse - I appreciate that you have cleared that up for me. I did know that the patches were withdrawn from the US and have been reintroduced. I did not know why. I was given the patches about a month ago. I am really concerned about augmentation setting in. And I understand that it will from everyone else but my doctor. I am the first person she has given the patches to and she will not admit that augmentation is any worse with the patch than any other med. So I am just praying a lot and hoping this will be the answer for my RLS. It does make a difference where I place it on my skin. Some places work better than others. I have RLS (miss named by the way, because I have it in my entire body) so severe that most of the time it will not even stop when I walk around. With the patches I am getting pretty good relief.


I am glad you are getting good relief from the patch, i hope it continues for a long time, before augmentation starts....


Hi I am using the neupro patch 2mg I change it every day at 12:00 so it is ready for bed time,

I have to keep putting it on my upper arms as it does not seem to work as well anywhere else.

I also have to shave any slight hairs off the area and I keep the patch in the fridge I take it out and apply to my arm hold for 20 seconds then put a plaster over to hold it on! I also leave the old one on till 4 hours after applying the new one then I take the old one off and wash my arm. I have had no problems with skin reactions and the patch works fine for me.

Oh the only thing I do find is if it gets to hot it itches!


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