Restless Legs Syndrome
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Ooh, I'm awake now and I'm so cross!

Hi. Yesterday I did a lot of walking, far more than I usually do. About 15 minutes ago I woke up with a mixture of a dry tongue (due to the CPAP machine I use for sleep apnoea), painful cramp in both inner thighs and RLS in my shoulders and arms (which I don't normally get). I was looking forward to a lie-in, now my sleep is disrupted...ggrrrr!

I went downstairs, had a glass of water, took some magnesium tablets and a 0.088mg tab of mirapexine. RLS in arms is helped by massaging and/or shaking and punching the air (!).

Does anyone else suffer similar conditions and, more importantly, did that chat room thingie for the nocturnally disturbed (suggested a few weeks ago) ever get set up and, if it did, how do I get on it?

If all this stuff kicks in perhaps I'll get some more sleep. Best wishes to you all, Tpebop, Kent, Britain.

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I'm back to disturbed sleep, walking up to zap all of the twitch areas with the pain gone pen made me feel better. I'd always been sceptical about pain gone as tens machines did squat most cause I don't thing they Di them in body shit dize. I would recommend the pen though, poke, click, 10 little zaps and relif for a little till they sort out meds!


Huh? Pen?


I had a bad night last night, i didnt sleep much at all. Had RLS, had pains everywhere. RLS in my shoulder blade and arm. I have got tendonitis of the shoulder and the PT isnt helping much so laying on that side kills my arm, so had pain from that aswell. Oh the joys....


Loki, whats this pain pen, something i havent heard of...


ASorry about how confused that post was. My docs put my on Dyhydrocodeine and Vallium and I don't realize until after how little sense I make!! Plus auto correct doesn't help..

Pain gone is basically a localised tens machine you carry with you. No wires or anything (So if you wear it out and wires trail people don't think you have a bomb strapped to you - something which happened to my friend). You just click and it zaps, doesn't hurt and unlike a tens machine you can move it up the entire of your leg. or both legs. you can't over dose on it. I'd need like 4 tens machines to cover my problem areas lmao.

Anywho, will link direct to the site, its a LOT cheaper on the actual site than anywhere else. I don't know for sure as mine was bought as a gift but if you have had chronic pain for like 6 months you can be VAT exempt from it.

Link -


Thank for the info Loki.... :)


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