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Good morning All,

RLS-UK have been working with a journalist at the Daily Mail over the past few weeks and I am pleased to inform you that there is an article in today's Daily Mail (11/09/12) about RLS.

Here is a link to the article:

Following the recent article printed elsewhere which caused an outcry among you (and rightly so) it is encouraging to see we are making some progress, slowly but surely.

Please note that while we had no editorial control over the contents of the article, we did advise and contribute towards it. I hope you are all pleased with the result which is factual, accurate and portrays RLS as a serious condition. Finally.....

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  • yay !!!! going to buy a ferw so i can post the to friends abroad to , and thank you sooo much

  • pff my typing gets worse !!!

  • Good article....and good to see a British newspaper take RLS seriously and give space in their paper for this article.....this sort of good media coverage is what we need to get the attention of the public to how this condition affects us...hope a few doctors read it too...they could learn a thing or two... :)

  • You are so correct Doctors do seem to fob you off giving the impression that it is a minor ailment and not worthy of their time, but to you and I and all other sufferers of RLS it is real and debilitating especially when you are deprived of sleep. I am only glad that I am no longer working, god only knows how I would fare then.

  • total agree petal

  • I'm one of those who, luckily, doesn't have RLS to the point that I need medication, but for all those that do hopefully this will get the medical world thinking and acknowledging the condition

  • Guess who just got emailed this article?? :o) The people aho put that article that was "elsewhere" in the US, and the US RLS Foundation, plus their Facebook page. This is what we have all been begging for, so it was like an extra Christmas morning when I opened my yahoo alerts and this was the first thing I saw. merry Christmas to ALL OF US! :) This is the kind of article that is being worked on in the USA as we speak. Thanks for your contribution, and good job keeping it a surprise for us. :) Now, I have to go back to my side of the pond in a few minutes and follow up on this. It is RLS AWARENESS month, and Sept 23rd is RLS Awareness Day over here. do you recognize that in the UK, or is it just a USA thing? Either way, excellent timing, and THANK YOU!!

  • brilliant !!!! hope they take notice :)

  • I knew I had said RLS Awareness Day is the 23rd. Just had to check :)

  • I think the RLS AWARENESS MONTH is a USA thing.... so is the Awareness Day.... :)

  • At the moment - who knows what the future holds?! ;)

  • It apparently used to be a USA thing, but eveyone is involned at some point, I guess this year. It always was just a USA thing.

  • What an awesome result Mr/miss chairperson. Thankyou to you and the journalist. Hope it leads somewhere good!

  • Ha I just "checked you out" as it were and its Mr!!!!

  • Read this over and over and to be honest it was ok, but some parts annoyed me!

    Sorry just my opinion.

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