British Medical Journey RLS article "A patient's journey', published 20/11/12

In my opinion this is a wonderful, understanding, compassionate article which I'm very pleased to see the British Medical Journal (BMJ) has published.

The subject of the article has had RLS for 12 years and describes how doctors’ lack of knowledge about the condition delayed effective treatment; she urges patients and doctors alike to become better informed.

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  • Good article. I have read it already, but glad to see it on hear for others to read... :)

  • Thanks Daragh, made interesting reading :) i had not read it before, and i like to get all the info and advice i can, cant be to well informed i say.

  • totally agree with you Keeley never to much info i've not read it before , thank you Daragh for bringing it to our attention interesting read..... always good to put something on of interest when someone finds something other would be interested in :)

  • didn't want to put on the page you put the letter on to the BBC great lettler writing Daragh hope they actually read it and take note that they've let a lot of people down ,

    im sure i say it for all of us thank you :)

  • Thank you Daragh for sharing this link with us. This is the kind of information that should be in newpapers and magazines, radio, TV, so that others hear/read the real facts about RLS and how debilitating it can be for many. I hope doctors read that article and learn from it - some may.

  • Thank you Daragh - it is good to know that a respected journal like the BMJ are publishing such enlightened articles.

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