finally got it sorted i hope

well after trying many thing i have sorted my RSL out , to my wifes relief, and i dont need any tabs and side effects. the only downside is that i have been told i have sleep apnea and i have to use a mask and cpap machine at night but i am sleeping much better and no RLS . the sore legs during the day have gone also and no feeling tired during the day.great to have my life back for a bit, long my it go on

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  • Hi there :)

    That is such good news both for you and your wife :)

    Even though it is not so great to wear the mask etc at night, at least you can see an end to the awful symptoms of RLS.

    Happy sleeping! As you say, long may it last. Enjoy your days too. :)

    Kaarina :)

  • hi, im with Kaarina, long my it last for you, its so nice to hear of someones success


  • Great News!!! I hope you keep the mask on, I couldn't! :(


    Bob M

  • i know i could cope with this mask but if it works for you good!!



  • It is really good to hear about someone getting relief from the pain and sleepless nights caused by RLS.---My doctor recently suggested that I go for tests at a sleep clinic. The questionaire sent to me is about a mile long! I have put it aside and plan to go back to my doctor with complaints of "what is the point in all this!", I know why I can't sleep at night! After reading the comments above, I wonder if I should give the sleep clinic a try, but the mask worries me!!

  • Anyone who has sleep issues should have a sleep study done. A sleep study tells a doctor WHEN you reach your optimum sleep stage, how much tie you spen in REM sleep, so you stop breathing, how many arousals your brain has while you are asleep. Plus they check out levels in spinal fluid. almost all people with RLS have "excitability" in their spinal fluid, compared to people who do NOT have RLS. No, they are not fun, and of course there is paperwork, BUT, a sleep lab and a sleep doctor is where it is at, as far as help wth RLS. Do you kick in your sleep as well? A sleep stdy can answer many many questions that can only be guessed at while you are awake. Just because you know you don't sleep well, don't you want to know all reasons why you don't? have you ever had your Ferritin level tested? They will do that, too. I have had 4 studies done for various reasons, but they always helped to diagnose or rule things out. They are not a huge waste of time, even a little bit.

    You should really think about getting it done. :o)

  • Don't worry about the mask until, or if, you ever get to that part. :o)

    Get your results first.

  • Hi Nightdancer and others. I'm new to this blogging business.

    I have suffered from RLS for seven years or so. In the beginning, I coped without medication. In fact, I didn't know what I had or that medication existed. I mentioned my symptoms to my daughter-in-law who is a doctor (in Italy) and she suggested Ropinirole. My doctor in the UK prescribed it and it more or less worked. I used to take small doses (0.25mg during the day if needed) and 1 mg at night. Then about six weeks ago, it simply no longer worked. I read about the Neupro patch and my doctor agreed to precribe it. It was fantastic for a month or so but then the side effects cut in. The worst thing was that I would wake up and be wide awake after an hour or so of sleep. Then I couldn't get back to sleep and the old RLS would cut in, so I was back to square one. I had chronic acid; nothing tasted like it should and I felt slightly weird - not myself, difficult to describe I decided to stop using the patch and next day I felt 'normal' again. However, I knew it wouldn't last for very long so I went back on Ropinirole after 24 hours That was three days ago, so it's early days but I did sleep the last three nights. RLS just takes over your life. I work part time and sometimes have to get up at 6 a.m. When you've had two or three hours sleep, it's just a nightmare. I wanted to ask what is 'Ferritin level' or rather how do I find out what mine is? I asked my doctor about my iron level but he said it's fine. I have blood tests every six weeks because I take Methotrexate for Rheumatoid Arthritis. I believe RLS is a known side effect of RA or maybe of the drug, who knows?


  • I can only reiterate the comments already posted. Here's to many more sleep filled nights and sore free legs


  • Thank you, Nightdancer! I'll take your good advice and go for the sleep test.

    Having been there yourself you know what you are talking about.

    I take it as a good omen that you wrote about the sleep test just before I was to cancel it!

  • I am glad I posted then. :o)

  • lucky u :).i actually rented out a cpap machine 2 months ago because i suspected sleep apnea as the culprit but no luck.used the cpap for a month but still trying to find a cure.

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