Restless Legs Syndrome
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I have been asked by Daragh Bogan to tell you of my experience. I had RLS from my early twenties until my early sixties. Apart from the pain and discomfort i rarely slept properly. I had tried drugs like Paroven. Herbal and exercise regimes. Nothing worked. I used to have a Horlicks drink at night and felt that it sometimes made it worse. Then my Daughter developed an intolerance to cheese, which she loved. So to help her i decided also to cut out all dairy products. Thinking that once she had got used to it i would resume eating them. After approx. two weeks my RLS had gone. That was eight years ago. I can find no medical evidence for this, in fact several GPs have scoffed at it. However, it worked for me so it may be worth a try.

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well i adore cheese and yogurt, so i think i would find it very difficult, but if i will get me a bit of peace from this curse we have, i will give it a whirl. does the RLS run in your family or is it just you that has it, hope you dont mind me asking



Hello Niah

Yes, my Mum had it as did her sister. My two daughters, thankfully don't.


I have heard of this before somewhere... I dont like cheese so that bit wouldnt be hard... Could you tell us what else you stopped eating in the dairy products. Did it include milk and butter...etc...

But i also would like to know the same as Jean, whether anyone else in your family has it. It seems if its inherited it doesnt matter what i have tried it has never helped...

The same as trying to up my Ferritin Level by taking iron, that can help some people, it can be the reason they have RLS.. But nope that made no difference either...for me.

So, i am glad and happy that you have found the reason it seems for your RLS... i hope others will try and see if it helps theirs... :)



Hello Elisse

I do not eat any dairy products at all. I tried Goats milk as it is nearer Mothers milk than cows but did not like the taste. Ihave soya milk on cereal, the odd bit of veg spread on bread and black tea. My wife, who remembers everything! reminds me that i do get the odd restless feeling when we are on holiday. This is probably due to eating in restaurants where they use butter and cream and also my weakness for ice cream. I've had a damaged spine for over forty years so my body does not relax easily. I'm aware, as with RLS that there is a fear and anticipation at bedtime. The Oh! no! not again. I studied the Alexander technique for two years and do Buddhist meditation.I should add that this was long before the dairy experiment. Although it did not cure my RLS or my contiuous pain, it did help me to cope. I am no longer frightened that i will not sleep. Hope that helps.


I presume it is a no, no to everything, Irene, as Longbow said all dairy products.

It is good it worked for you, Longbow and some members may wish to try this. I am wondering how quickly you noticed the benefit because it is a lot to give up if you like/enjoy dairy products. I bet you said a big thank you for your daughter. ;)

Kaarina :)


Hello Kaarina

It is a no and other than ice cream it is not a problem. See my comment on holidays. It is difficult to say how long it took to work as it was a sudden realisation but within two to three weeks.


Oh my goodness... if it were so easy for everyone. I say easy but in reality I cant imagine giving up dairy as it's such a part of my family's diet, I suppose my rls has not reached the stage where I would try anything....yet. I loathe spread (marg) and am disabled so making one meal per night is hard enough without cooking an alternative milk and butter free one for myself when necessary. I am delighted you have found an answer to your rls and I do hope your post will be able to help numerous others who have never contemplated this as a cure. I will certainly remember to try this when mine gets too bad, thank you.


Hello SusieL

I hope you never have to but life it all about gives and takes and what you can cope with. Although my spine pain is worse than RLS i can cope with it. I couldn't with RLS.



I have had RLS for many years. As I got older it became severe. After having hip replacement surgery recently, it became "unbearable", and I had to up the Ropinirole medication to 6mg (in 24 hours), which is 2mg over the limit. It has been a real comfort to have found this support site, to read all the different comments from everyone. Thanks to all of you for sharing! ---Recently I found a web-site advertising different oils for pain etc..One is especially formulated for RLS, so I decided to give it a try in my desperation to find some relief for the pain and sleepless nights. It really works!! I have used it for 4 nights now and the relief is unbelievable! I now sleep 6 hours a stretch instead of 1 or 2.

The product is called "Night Time Leg Calm", available from Nature's Inventory,

web-site: WWW. Phone: 866- 607 2126

It is a very pleasant product to use. Not "oily" and it has a pleasant scent! Because it has helped me so much I highly recommend this product. It is quite inexpensive too at $14.95 a bottle, which is supposed to last for several months.--- I'm now just hoping that this wonderful " Leg Calm" will do the trick altogether and get me off the strong medications I've been taking. Since using it 4 days ago, I have already reduced the Ropinirole to 2mg a day.

Wishing you all well!


I am glad it is helping you. Years ago, I write to the company, and asked for free samples, since I moderate several online support groups for mainly RLS, but all sleep disorders. Both my sisters have it, both my nieces, my niece's kids who are too young to be able to understand a placebo effect. Plus, I handed out at least 20 other samples to people who I know have very severe RLS/24/7. I will just say that none of us had any success, and went into it with an open mind. But, that is our experience. I truly believe it depends on how severe one's RLS is, and the word "cure" should never be used. "treatment", yes, but not cure.


Hi all it sounds to good to be true but as my legs are horrendous I am so desperate to try anything so I will give it ago but I love cheese so this is going to be very hard :-( thank you for sharing your story :-)



Hello Rish

Try no dairy at all for 14 days. It may work. If it does then cheese is your enemy. That's the way i have to look at it 'cos i love dairy ice cream but it hates me. Longbow


To nightdancer,

I'm sorry the oil did not help you at all. I find that it does calm the legs somewhat, enough to give me several more hours of sleep at night. Instead of 2-3 hours I now get an average of 6 hours, which is a really big relief!

As far as the RLS goes, it has not been"cured" of course, so I still have to take the ropinirole, only not as many. Being able to sleep more is my big "break-through" at the moment! The oil has also helped the awful pain in my legs. Like most people with severe RLS I'll try most anything to get some relief, especially if it is a natural remedy.


I never thought it could be food but I have been dieting and my RLS has calmed down so much so maybe cheese was a problem. Only thing is my legs now ache perhaps I am lacking iron?


I tried the Leg Calm oil from this site and unfortunately it did absolutely nothing for me. If I remember correctly the Natures Inventory oils came from the US and there was a delivery charge as well as the cost of the oil. Anything is worth a try - but didn't work for me.


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