In love with my patches!

I've had RLS for years and I've used (low-dose) Ropinirole for a few years now which worked but were becoming rather antisocial as I was needing to take them earlier and earlier in the day and an hour after taking them I was barely conscious (I know, many of you would kill for that effect!).  So I suggested the Rotigotine patches to my long-suffering but trusting and helpful GP who was interested to see if they worked so she could try her other RLS patients on them - she, herself, had not heard of their use in RLS.  I've used them (1mg) for three months now and I LOVE them!  They have even seen me through 2 overnight transatlantic flights which I was dreading - with NO symptoms!  They aren't perfect, I do get a few bad nights here and there - yet to be proven, but my suspicion is that it depends on the location of the patch as to their efficacy - I suspect it battles to bridge the subcutaneous fat on my tummy!

Anyway - a success story! So far...

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  • Glad to hear.. :) For me, i found putting the patches on my upper arm seemed to work better than anywhere else......i cant think why....strange one...

  • Me too, but I put them on tummy or thighs when wearing sleeveless top as I don't want people thinking I'm a smoker!! ;-) I worry too much! Not that I'll be wearing sleeveless tops for the next few months!

  • Yes mine seem to work better on my arms :-) they are great :-) so glad they work for you !

  • minefrog, interesting post, dr put me on ropinerole .25mg 3 x day but getting too tired, please tell about the patches.... thanks

  • Couldn't agree more! Travel, church, movies, a NAP, ANYTHING is possible. It's the first thing that inspired a THANK YOU note to my doctor. They are truly a miracle for me. I have been using them for years and have not needed to increase dosage. The 3mg works great for most RLS, 4mg actually works for 48 hours for me! Had one experience where it seemed ineffective & that was using it on my thigh. Hip area is fine and arms work well. Maybe it's unable to get through my flab. They're very itchy but worth it. Oh what a relief. Better to itch than twitch. My whole family loves 'em. Apparently they think RLS makes me a bit cranky!

  • YAHOO: Two nites in a row with the patches ...3mg work for me. When you talk about where you place them...arent we supposed to put them on diff. areas each time. Im running out of space lol. Requip adios for ever I hope. Such bad side effects. The patches make me sleepy during the day but I trust that will stop after a while.

    This is a bumpy road indeed. Hugs to all

  • Ok, thats good news indeed for you. Just my experience from using them, the reason they say put them in a different place each time, is because of the irritation they can cause to your skin. so rotating the area to help stop that. I found i could use both arms without to much trouble, it depends i guess on a person's skin on how much irritation they get, you just need to experiment...

  • I found the same. Started off being "good" and using every square-inch of skin to make sure there was no repeated spot within 14 days but then swiftly gave that up when I couldn't remember from one day to the next and I had minimal irritation from the patch. They stick slightly better on my arms too.

  • Hi minefrog just read your blog on rogigotine, i have been on ropinirole for sometime I would prefer a patch to taking tablets. Will ask my GP when i see him next. cumoneillen

  • Hi glad to hear that the patches work for you. I'm in the same boat, have been on ropinirole 2mg for a couple of years. It works fairly well most of the time but have problems most evenings and also if i have to sit still in a meeting at work in the afternoons. Is it time to change? do the patches last 24 hours and can you just stop the tablets and start the patches at the same time?. I 'm very reluctant to try something new as I'm worried reducing the current medication will be hell! Can anyone help. A

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