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Temgesic or Subutex


I have an appointment next week at an addiction clinic, even though I am not an addict. I have restless legs and chronic back pain. I went to this particular clinic a couple of months ago to request a script for Subutex. The doctor said he wouldn’t prescribe it because I would have to report to a pharmacy each day. I just know when I ask for Temgesic he might say the same thing. Some lovely group members on another site do not have to report to a pharmacy. I have contacted three pharmacies and they all state that I will have to report to them on a daily basis.. Would anyone have information on whether I do have to report to a pharmacy or provide me with a department where I can get clarification on this. Thanking you.

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Depends where you reside.?.I wonder would you have the same requirement for any opiate? Oxycontin?

I'm in Ireland, and get the scrip each month. If I need, I can get it for 3 months ( if I'm going away for a long time)

Sorry for your botheration.

Mickmaur in reply to Madlegs1

I’m in Australia, Over the years I have been on the Norspan patch and also Tramadol and Targin and I didn’t have to report to a pharmacy

Madlegs1 in reply to Mickmaur

Tram and Targin are opiates, so I can only assume the daily visit is because you are being referred from an addiction centre.Maybe if you can get a scrip from a ' regular' source, you might have a smoother ride??

Good luck.

Mickmaur in reply to Madlegs1

Subutex is classed as a section eight drug and most doctors are not able to prescribe these meds except an addiction or pain clinic, that is why my doctor referred me to the addiction clinic, even though I am not an addict. It all gets very complicated.

Madlegs1 in reply to Mickmaur

Good suggestion from Jools.

Joolsg in reply to Mickmaur

I suggest you send a message to Shumbah. She is in Australia & has some useful contacts. She gets Buprenorphine and doesn’t need to report to a pharmacy.

Mickmaur in reply to Joolsg

I have put a post on the Australian/New Zealand site, didn’t think about Shumbah but of course she would know. Thank you.

Shir_11 in reply to Mickmaur

I am in Australia and have had no trouble getting the Temgesic from the drug clinic. I can only get one prescription for 50 tablets at a time.I am also on the 5mg Norspan patches. I do alternate weeks with the patch and then the Temgesic. Taking a full Temgesic does cause me nausea so I cut them in half.

Mickmaur in reply to Shir_11

That’s really interesting thank you. I was on the 15mg patch and it stopped working. Good idea to alternate them.

hausbauer in reply to Mickmaur

Temesic comes in smaller doses beginning 200 mcg (0,2 mg) and maybe is therefore easier to get. I think Subutex begins with 0,4 mg.

I get Temgesic 0,2 mg from the pharmacy (50 tablets) without difficulty. Prescription is from my GP.

Mickmaur in reply to hausbauer

I didn’t realise that the Temgesic comes in such small doses. I always like to start a new med on a low dose.

Amrob in reply to Shir_11

Has the nausea lessened over time Shir?

Shir_11 in reply to Amrob

Well I have been on the Norspan for 1 year and the nausea only started about 2 months ago when I introduced the Temgesic. It isn’t as bad now I have halved the tablets.

Every country has different trade names for drugs. I am not familiar with these. Can you tell me what the generic names are. I live in Florida USA. There has been a huge crackdown on opiates. They said it would not impact medically necessary people. Former President Ronald Reagan said the nine scariest words in the English language are, "I'm from the government and I'm here to help!". There is a lot of truth there. My neurologist has been telling me horror stories about end-stage cancer patient coming back to his office crying because they can't being able to get adequate pain control as they can't get the medicine they need from the pharmacy. I have run into some weird attitudes from pharmacists when I present Rx's. I take methadone 10 mg every 8 hours and this has been a life changer for me. I have to use a couple of 5 mg oxycodones (not Oxycontin) some evenings if I have breakthrough RLS.

Happy to know that the Methadone is working for you. The generic name for Subutex and Temgesic is Buprenorphine. The Temgesic has the added ingredient Hydrochloride. There is also a patch called Norspan that is also Buprenorphine.

Hi, Jerold,

I live in Nevada but am thinking of moving to Florida to be near family. I'm currently on 10 mg per day of methadone for RLS symptoms, which has transformed my life by allowing me to sleep. Every 6 months I must travel to the Los Angeles area to be seen by Dr. B, or else the Nevada Board of Pharmacy will not let my local pharmacy fill the monthly prescriptions that Dr. B writes for me. (I can't find a Nevada doctor who is knowledgeable or brave enough to write an opioid script for RLS).

How difficult was it for you to secure your methadone prescription? I would be moving to the Miami area. Are you in that vicinity? I'm assuming I would first have to find a Personal Care Physician, then be referred to a neurologist who would then prescribe the low-dose methadone. Would you anticipate that I would have extreme difficulties in finding doctors who would do that for me?

Thank you so much!

I am in the Tampa area, about a 4 hour drive from Miami. I can put you in touch with my physician and you can talk to him about it. He does use it for several others' RLS. One way around the issues with the local pharmacies not filling your methadone , is to send it to a mail order pharmacy associated with your insurance. I never had any problems with it but by Florida rules, the DEA number has to be printed (not written) on the Rx and the Rx must say "for non-acute pain" (which RLS is considered technically). I can get a 90 day supply this way. After he knows you, he may be amenable to mailing you an Rx in between visits. He can also transmit it electronically to a FL pharmacy. My phone number is (813) 734-3658. Methadone is not that expensive of a drug if you have to pay cash.

Hi Mickmaur, in Australia you don't need to report to a pharmacy if you get a script for Temgesic. It can be prescribed by your GP or specialist. (I have obtained a script for Temgesic).

Subutex is different as it's ONLY used for people withdrawing from opioids (eg heroin, methadone). Subutex can only be prescribed via a drug treatment centre (addiction clinic).

Mickmaur in reply to Amrob

I will be seeing my GP this week and asking for Temgesic. Thankyou

Mickmaur in reply to Amrob

Hi Amrob, my doctor said they don’t know anything about Temgesic in Australia, I was sent to an addiction clinic to ask for it. Same answer, it’s not prescribed in Australia. Maybe it is different in each a State. May I ask what State you are in, I am in Victoria.

Hi Mickmaur, Temgesic is approved by the Therapeutic Goods Administration for supply in Australia. It is also mentioned on the national health direct website. Further, it's available online from Chemist Warehouse to anyone with a valid Australian script. Therefore I don't understand why your doctor is saying its not available in Australia.It is a schedule 8 drug meaning that it's a controlled drug but that's not to say it can't be prescribed. I don't know if prescribing rules vary between the different states and territories. I'm in WA but i'm sure i've read of people in other states using it (on this forum and another). Perhaps ask your pharmacist about it.

Mickmaur in reply to Amrob

Thank you Amrob, I did ask at two pharmacies and, as you said, a GP can prescribe it but when I asked my doctor I was told they didn’t know anything about it. I asked another doctor who told me that it wasn’t prescribed in Australia. This highlights the need to do ones own research and not to trust what doctors say. I am now looking at another med. so no longer need the Temgesic.

Good luck with the new med Mick. Keep us posted as to how you get on.I'm also on a Facebook page called Resless Legs Syndrome (Australia and New Zealand). It's good for information specific to this part of the world!

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