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How many Dopamine meds have you had


I have had Pramapixole Requip Xl Ropineral and the patch , Pregablin Gabapentin Tramodol and Amatriptyline

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Hello Beady, you've beaten me, the only one I've had was Pramipexole.

I take Gabapentin but it's not a dopamine agonist (it's a Gabapentinoid) and I used to take Amitriptyline but that's not a dopamine agonist either (it's an antidepressant).

Tramadol is an opiate not a dopamine agonist. I've never had it.

Pramipexole, Ropinirole and the Neupro patch ARE dopamine agonists

They are however all used to treat RLS except Amitriptyline, which can make it worse.

I wish they were all easier to spell!!!!

I have not had amitriptylene but instead take nortriptylene. I have taken the others and still use the patch and take Pregabalin and Tramadol. Despite this RLS is kicking in again so I am emailing my neurologist today to see where we go from here. I have an appointment to see him in February so he may well not reply. Fingers crossed!

Manerva in reply to martino

Nortriptyline, like amitriptyline is a tricyclic antidepressant. Tricyclic antidepressants and Selective Serotonin Reuptake Inhibitor (SSRI) antidepressants are known to make RLS worse.

This may at least part of what's happening with you.

Depending on what dose of Neupro you're on, it may be a possibility that you have some augmentation.

Your neurologist needs to ascertain if these are the reasons for your worsening RLS, but it is a long wait until February.

I've never actually heard of people being able to email a consultant, even less get a reply. No consultant has ever given me an email address.

I doubt you'll get any reply, I hope so. If not however, I suggest you see your GP who may be able to contact the neurologist.

I recently saw my GP who was able to email my urologist and got a reply back in a day.

It might that you'd benefit from adjusting the dosages of your medications, e.g stopping the nortriptyline, reducing the Neupro and possibly increasing the Pregabalin.

I'm not a neurologist though but -

I'm not sure why you're on Tramadol as well. Opiates I thought, are only added if first line treatments aren't working. Dopamine agonists like Rotigotine (Neupro) are known to lose effect and also cause augmentation - worsening. In which case better to stop that.

Elisse2 in reply to Manerva

I think you will find alot of people take a opiate as well as a DA.

Manerva in reply to Elisse2

Thanks Elisse. As ever you keep me educated.

martino in reply to Manerva

Just thought I would let you know the neurologist has brought the next appointment to 11th November. If you don’t ask you don’t get!

Manerva in reply to martino

That's great! Well done for trying. Thanks for letting me know.

nightdancer in reply to Manerva

Many people have many combinations pf meds that are taken for RLS. But, yes, if the dopamine meds are not doing the whole trick, opioids can be added in to help the dopamine meds along. Nothing works for me, but pain meds, thank GOD for them. I could not use any of the dopamine meds, the side effects flattened me. :)

nightdancer in reply to martino

The nortriptyline is not good for people with RLS , as it is a tricyclic, and they are tops on the list of "no no meds" for most of us.

martino in reply to nightdancer

Thanks very much. I did wonder about this. The RLS-UK advice is that most people are are adversely affected but as it was only a small dose I thought I would try it. It may well be the culprit though. My legs had been under control for a while but recently whilst I always get to sleep I am woken early. I see a neurologist in a couple of weeks and it may be time to review everything

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