Restless Legs Syndrome

How many have quit work?

Hi all. I have been struggling with RLS my entire life, (prior to my memories of it I have been informed that my parents had me at specialists who diagnosed 'Growing Pains').

Over this past few years and particularly after using Miripexin I developed RLS in my arms and torso and the bloody condition has gotten much worse.

Anyway I have a responsible job in healthcare and due to the associated insomnia and inability to get rest I have fallen asleep at work. I have asked for and been referred to the occupational health dept. hoping they might get something done for me.

My main worry is that I don't believe that I'll be able to work for much longer. I am not working at my best, (although doing a reasonably good job), and by the time I am home in the evening I am beaten and home life is suffering, (the constant exhaustion is ruining my entire life). I hope that if I can drop a day in the middle of the week I will be able to sleep more and function better, (although I don't want to loose a fifth of my wage).

So my question to you good people is are there many of you that have had to quit work due to RLS and the associated problems it brings?

Many thanks for reading.

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Hi, i know alot of people do struggle to work having RLS. I am lucky and i am retired. Are you still taking Mirapexin? It could be you are suffering with augmentation as you said the RLS is now in your torso and arms and things are worse. That is typically what happens when suffering with augmentation. You might have to look at changing that med, to something else.


Thanks for the reply Elisse. I stopped the Mirapexin years ago due to the augmentation. I am finding work so tough at the moment, (and I love my work), that I feel I have to drop a day or else give up altogether!!

With the main line of drug treatment not available I am afraid that sooner or later I am going to have to seek retirement on health grounds, (although I am sure that will be an ordeal in itself!).


I have recently changed from Mirapexin to Ropinarole. I take one around 6pm and it helps until I take another around 10 pm before bed. I've slept better on Ropinarole, so well that because I didn't move one night until 6.45 am I had a bad back when I got up ! Can't win, eh?


yes I had to give up my work due to RLS, I owned 2 beautiful gift stores, It got so bad I could'nt keep up and I also had a partner with the store, it still was over whelming , I was in so much pain my husband said that was enough. It was one of the saddest day for me giving up 13 years.


I work part time, which means more time to recover during the week. I got used to the reduced pay much more easily than I got used to the reduced workload - if you enjoy your job it's difficult not to carry on trying to do as much as you did when you were full time.


Hi Raffs sorry to hear how RLS is affecting you. Have you tried Ropinrole or one of the older treatments Clonazepam? Both have worked well for me? X


Tried the dopamine agonist which made things worse and used opiods but not Benzos. Although not discussed I believe my GP would be against Benzos, (was very pleased when I stopped Tramadol).

I imagine I will have to go down that route at the moment I am on Zispin 30mg at night to sort out the sleep. I have slept two nights on the trot but still feel tired with today spent vegging about.


I have just started on Lyrica and had a proper sleep for the first time in months. Night 1 was astonishingly amazing - it was like I didn't even have it. Night 2 less so but still a marked improvement. Unbelievably exhausting as I also have Narcolepsey and sleep apnea. I am desperate for the Lyrica thing to work as i can't cope without sleep. Anyone else tried Lyrica for RLS?


I had tried it in the past for pain but didn't seem to do much to the RLS. I wish you more luck with it.


Hi everyone.

I too am a lifelong sufferer of rls and also had to give up my job due to massive exhaustion. At age 47 I have finally had enough of not sleeping and am desperate to find a 'cure'. I am very against man made drugs and am looking for an alternative treatment. I was wondering if anyone has ever heard of the HALCYON copper bracelets that you wear on both wrists?? They are supposed to eliminate the need to move your legs.

I'm willing to try them but was hoping someone on this forum has tried or even heard of them.

Hope to hear of someone.



Hi Shazlar, sorry things got so shitty with you. I have tried a copper bracelet for joint pain which didn't help but never tried two. Best of luck trying it.


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