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This work for me before medication

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First of all, i apologize for my english because is not my native language. I live in Chile, southamérica.

I’m 48 now and i live with RLS since i had 13 years old and I didn’t sleep almost nothing since my 15 years old. My grandmother had it an my father, but all doctors on those years said that was cramps or a bad way to walk through the day. They know nothing about RLS.

Now I discover a doctor in Spain who’s helping me and for the first time in my entire life i took a medication for rls and miraculously it worked for me.

But before that i tried a million non drogs treatments for about 30 years or more.

About 5 years ago investigating about tens and looking for some device with no wires to go trough the night, i discover a device called Quell relief. It’s for chronic pain but its work with electricity on the legs muscles.

So i give it a try.

The trick that worked for me is: i did not buy it because the way its work for the chronic pain. I buy it because I want to try this: Electricity on the muscles of the legs make them contract and loose rapidly and involuntarily so this is movement on the legs and maybe could work. And IT WORKED!!!!! at least for me. It was possible to sleep very well most of the days. It was good nights and bad nights but it was an iincredibly diference for me and i didn’t believe it.

Well, as you know its not a cure it’s only a relief method and maybe not work for everyone. But, is another thing to try when the drogs not help some days or definitely not help.

It’s used in one leg but I dint need it in both legs. You need to find the correct power of electricity that work but don’t get you pain. Some nights depending on the pose of the leg i get some pain contract for a moment but i adjust the power o move the leg and it end.

I’m not related in any way with this brand or product. I live in Chile and I think this is from USA.

If you want to give it a try i really hope it help you at least a little or in a big way.

Take a look at this, maybe it work for you or not, but if you are like me i think you are looking for a million thigns that could help, because until now theres nothing that help 100% even drogs.

This is the link

Best regards 🙏🏻

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Hello! I’m glad it works for you!

BTW, you write well for a non-English speaker. I am an American living in Norway, so I understand how daunting it is to write (and speak) in a second language.

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Thank you!! I tried my best. 🤗

in reply to Chilandres

Yep, I totally understand that. I try my best in Norwegian!! It doesn't always translate, but I try! :) You made this translate (we understand what you're talking about,) and that is awesome!

Take care!

That is really interesting Chilandres, thank you so much. The website is very interesting, and the testimonials are glowing - particularly from patients who have taken the sort of monster drugs that we take.

I am acquainted with TENS machines, and they certainly work to some degree - this Quell would appear to be a very superior version of a TENS, and very easily wearable.

The other purely physical aids for RLS/WED are the Relaxis Pad and PCDs (Pneumatic Compression Devices), both of which would be quite a lot more expensive, and the latter one could probably not find at all.

None of us like taking drugs - every one of them comes with big problems, so a non-drug solution would be best. And in the end, because one only purchases once, a lot cheaper.

The money that many of us have to shell out over the years would buy dozens of Quells.

Your English is great.

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You are so right. I’m trying now this kind of parade of drugs. When one of them helps, it works much more than the quell. But we all know that maybe later on time they stop working or we suffer augmentation.

I really don’t know how i end in quell website. I think I’m investigating TENS and this solve the big problem: wires.

I spend a lot more money in this 6 months of drugs treatment than in 4 years with quell. But again, it only helps me to sleep better with good nights and some times bad nights. And when a drug works like pregabalin in my case, it helps me a lot more than the quell. I hope this last forever 🤞🏻

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Thanks for your input. Fab.x

I was so excited when I read you comments regarding Quell. I looked it up on Google and their web site and the information was all good. However, the cost is unmanageable for me. Prices vary but are around $250 -$299 for the starter kit. Electrodes cost about $30 a month since they are only used for 1 month. There is a 60 guaranteed refund which is good. The company and its executives seem to be top notch. If I could afford this I certainly would try it. It's sold for cronic pain but your experience adds RLS to list of possibility. If anyone tries this, let us know.

I think one has to compare the cost of the device to the cost of drugs. The initial outlay seems great, but if it saves on drugs in the long run it may be the best investment ever.

And it is possible that insurance companies would help. I think you can certainly get a scrip for the Relaxis Pad, why not this?

We have to bear in mind that the drugs we take are all mind-bending and toxic, and if we could even reduce the quantities in order to avoid harms then that must be a plus.

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Well... that you say is the most important thing in long terms. I couldn’t be more agree with you (i hope I wrote it well)

This is is one of the things but out there we could find many others that maybe works for us. And about the money, yes is a big issue but we have a disease that don’t have any references of costs because no one really knows how treat it for sure and of course how to cure it.

I agree and I was thinking twice about it. I continued to check into it and found a statement by the company that if you have a pacemaker you need to check with your cardiologist. As it happens, I am a new recipient of a pacemaker December 10, 2018. I will check with my doctor for information. I have been told a microwave will not hurt this particular pacemaker but I still avoid using it just in case. So, this may very well make up my mind for me. I would love to try their 60 day trial period if it isn't working, it can be returned for a full refund. I see my doctor next February 11.

I doubt it wold be a problem - the current will go between two electrodes at a good distance from the heart.

I use a TENS on a damaged shoulder - the current is very localized.

Good lucks!!!!!!

Hi, google this quell plus rls. I found some other people it helps with rls and this convinces me to buy it.

You are right about the price but for me $299 is 2 months or less of drugs. But i got some tips for you. I don’t think the company like this but it’s worked for me like a charm and saves me a lot of money.

The big cost are the electrodes and they says that only are wearable for 15 days each one, 1 month the kit of 2 for $30.

I used carefully and clean it with a cotton with water, and a make it last each one for more than a month, so the kit of electrodes works for me more than 2 months. And i used with gel so they don’t stick to the leg and You will know when it’s time to change it because the electricity start to be uncomfortable most of the time.

Another big tip is that you can buy for a little money on ebay and AliExpress, hydrogel pads to replace the one on the electrodes so make it work for a long, long time. And this save me a lot of money. This is one link but there’s many others.

I hope this helps you

That sounds really good. I'll be curious about what my cardiologist says about this. I definitely will try it if he gives me the ok. As for drug cost for RLS, my co pay for 90 days (3 a day) is $19.17.

Thanks for posting this. I came across the Quell and a few months ago and was very curious, But I when I asked around I couldn't find anyone that had heard of it or tired it. and at the price point, I was along with the maintenance cost, I couldn't justify buying what could very well be just another expensive gimmick for RLS. but your success story is good to hear. Perhaps its time to give it a try.

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Chilandres in reply to RLSgirl

Hi, like you i couldn’t find many stories about quell and rls but there are a few.

About the maintenance price, read the reply a made for “1stdoginohladdie“ just before your comment. The expensive thing are the electrodes and i wrote a good tips for that. I hope it’s helps you.

First of all, thank you for sharing this info with us. I am REALLY interested in it! I have a question that I had trouble finding the answer to on their website. And maybe that's because it is sold for pain relief, not RLS. But since this is worn all day and it only goes on one calf, for those of us who have RLS in both legs (even if not both legs at the same time) would we need to buy two of these?

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Hi, i had the same question and like you I couldn’t find the answer.

I suffered rls since i had 13 years until now. Every day in both legs an some times in arms. I wake up almost 4 times in the night and many nights at 4 am finaly i dress my self and go to work or something because I know that i will not could sleep any more.

I use it in one leg and I don’t know why or how technically work but i had relieve because the movement of the muscle. I don’t know if the electricity on the nerves and the spine is working, i just feel relive because the muscle contract and expand rapidly. Like i said with quell i had bad nights but 4 or 6 in a month, and before i had bad nights every day of my life.

In this links i found information about quell and rls

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LanaCSR in reply to Chilandres

Oh, thank you so much for the info! So you said you only have one unit and you put it on one of your legs, right? So which leg do you put it on, or do you switch between legs? Also, how do you use it! Do you put it on when your legs start acting up, or do you use it three times a day to keep the RLS from happening? Sorry for all the questions, but I really want to get one of these, and since it is fairly expensive I want to make sure that it's going to be worth the investment. I appreciate you answering my questions!

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Hi, yes i use it only in one leg. I put in my right leg but maybe 3 or 4 weeks later i start to think that it didn’t reliveing the rls discomfort. So i change the leg and i start to test the legs and the exact place, a litlle up in the leg just fefore the knee or lower and more power or less until i found the best place for me. It’s so personal. It depends for example on what is your more frequent position before you sleep. The quell get between yor leg and the mattress, etc. That’s what i did. Test and test until i grt the best for me. Some times it itching me a lot the electricity until i found the correct amount for me.

In the day i only use it when i take a nap and the rls show up.

Best regards

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LanaCSR in reply to Chilandres

Thank you!! I think I'm gonna go ahead and get one. Wish me luck!!!!

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Chilandres in reply to LanaCSR

I wish you my best. I hope it works for you. At least to reduce your medication!!

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LanaCSR in reply to Chilandres

Thank you so much!! And I hope that you see continued improvement with your RLS, as well.

I have tried something similar to what this sounds like. I think it was called a tens unit. It sent electrical pulses into the area you put it on. That did not work for me. It made my legs feel even more aggravated. I only tried it when my legs were in the restless stage. It's possible that if I had tried it at the first sign of restlessness it may have helped.

Hi. Yes i started searching in tens, and i end on quell because i was looking some tens unit but with no wires because is imposible to sleep with wires on the legs because you move on the night and the pads fell off. The quell work sending electricity on the muscles but like tens there are extremely diferent results on sutil changes of places and intensities.

For me theres no difference if a used before the rls symptoms or in the first signs or very advanced. I just feel relive of the symptoms. I don’t know if the quell could prevent the symptoms to start.

This are links of rls and quell. I hope you find some usefull information.

Thank you for that information. I wouldn’t have considered trying the Quell because of my experience with the tens unit, now I will consider it.

So do the research. Depending of where you live yo can have some tranquility cause they refund police. I live in Chile, so i had to bought it at blind.

Hi Chilandres

You have done some good work in finding potential relief from our RLS. Its good to see your open mind.

I hope you are really well and perhaps free of RLS.

I am following up on the work you were doing with Dr Diego. I am interested for myself and Parminter has asked me to get some news. She is inh the same position you were wqith RLS and a high (1200) ferritin level.

The last I heard you were reducing your ferritin level to a low value so that you could get an iron infusion. The iron infusion was to be specified by Dr Diego and injected by your doctor in Chile.

How is it going?

Did you get your ferritin level low enough to go ahead with the special infusion (IV)

What process were you using to reduce your ferritin?

Were there any complications when you lowered your ferritin by so much?

I think I remember that your Dr Diego was using a technique called trans cranial ultrasound to measure the feritin in the brain. Did you find anyone in Chile who could do this? I couldn't find any doctor in Australia.

Of course the most important question is "Did it work?"

We know rthis is a bit of a gamble so I hope you have been in the lucky group.



I’m really sorry for not answer your question in so long time. I don’t not saw it (sorry my bad english)

I couldn’t low enough my ferritin levels. I’m still trying with a diet eating all things with no ferritin.

I made a trans cranial ultrasound (they change some thing in a normal ultrasound machine to do this) but they found i had a poor level o ferritin in may brain. So my brain it’s not absorbing the iron in my blood.

It exists an other technic (i don’t know if I could explain it well in english but i try. It’s call Bleeding. The doctors extract a great amount of blood out of your body and the body replace it with new blood with no iron. And then repeat the process the times you need it until the ferritin levels low enough to permit to do the iron infusion with the special iron that have a special composition to help the brain absorb it.

I think I’m going to do this. But who knows.

I hope i explain it good enough. English is not my native language.

Best regards

Thanks for your reply. I guess we have to wait a while longer before you are likely to know the end result. Thanks for leading the way for the rest of us. I wish you well.

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