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Spending on gadgets

I wasted money on an earthing mat and a Revitive leg exerciser

About 4 years ago I bought a plastic mat that you can put your feet on and it is supposed to keep you 'earthed' so that excess electricity in you can leak away. It didn't cost an awful lot - somewhere between £30 and £40 I think. After a couple of minutes with my feet on the mat severe and unbearable RLS kicked in! I contacted the supplier who had no helpful comments. I tried it several times but the result was always very bad.

About 2 years ago I bought a Revitive leg exerciser (advertised frequently on UK T.V.). It cost over £100. This made my RLS far worse. I can get away with 30 mins early in the morning - this does not help RLS but helps aching legs I sometimes get in bed. Any longer and any later in the day brings on my RLS and makes it even worse than usual.

There should be some way of trying out expensive equipment before committing your money!

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I agree and now with the relaxis pad costing so much we could be out a small fortune between mineral and vitamin supplements and mechanical aids.

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Relaxis will provide a list of vendors who will offer free trial. I got the deal and kept it, total relief for me, sleep all night and useful when relaxing in the evening


I think we've all been there and done that Mary. I've spent a fortune on vitamins and minerals and also bought a Revitive for £200 and halcyon copper bracelets.

To be fair, the Revitive came with a 30 day return guarantee and I did call to return it after 2 days as it made RLS unbearable. They suggested using it for a further week on a lower setting until my body became used to it. I was going through severe augmentation on ropinirole at the time. I kept it only because I have severe MS as well which has caused bad circulation to my feet. I've used it on a lower setting and it has improved the blood flow to my feet. However, it's done nowt for my RLS.

Mind you, the magnesium and Iron haven't helped either, yet some people on this site have found that magnesium works wonders for their RLS.

It really does seem to be trial and error with diet, supplements and exercise.

I haven't read of anyone finding that gadgets or bracelets work for them though.



Is there not a thirty day money back service. Especially on internet sales?? Worth a try?


I think you have answered your own question here.

Unless you have someone who can give you a positive referral, then leave well alone, they all appear to be snake-charmers goods.

Check with the National Grid, they should be marketing that mat for the electricity, like a solar panel it should have been able to store the electricity you discharged to earth, sorry mat.

This forum allows for all of the 1 in 10 sufferers of RLS to have a voice.

The RLS forum team commented awhile back, "It's Not Life Threatening so has NO Priority" with the Medical Profession. The Pharmaceutical Companies are making money, the sellers of augmentation devices (snake-charmers) are making money, everyone except the RLS sufferer is Happy.

Airline companies won't give a discount to RLS sufferers, can't see why not? When I flew I walked all the way there and walked all the way back, being unable to sit for a 2 hour + flight.

Cabin Crew Not Happy, to have you wandering around the aircraft.

Major question is "When is the Medical Profession Going to get serious about RLS" 1 in 10 is a LOT of people.


They wont get serious as there is no money nor no fame in it whereas heart disease, AIDS and cancer are all a big sellers so to speak.

This condition is terrible and I would not be surprised if there were many people with severe RLS that have killed themselves, (I know I've thought seriously about it on numerous occasions), yet no one seems to give a flying f**k about us :(

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Hi bought the medical revisited and find if I can use it before 2-30pm it works well for me.

Sorry it didn't work for you, I hope you find some respite from RLS have you tried 500mgs magnesium at night, I have also cut down on caffeine. I am also in the process of buying iron gluconate as recommended by several people


I have read in another Forum ( ) that the compound iron di-glycinate or Iron (ll) glycinate is better but I don't know of any scientific support for either. The iron di-glycinate is supposed to be able to cross the blood brain barrier (BBB) and deliver the iron to where it's needed. Someone must have run trials I suppose. So, for all of us, can I ask you to try both and let us know if either works for you please.

I have been taking this form of iron in a low dose (34mg of iron) per day for a few months nd my RLS has been better. BUT I have alos been on the Monash University FODMAP diet. This was designed for Irritable Bowel Syndrome victims but I have found it works for me. I used to take a huge dose (350 mg) of a more common iron and I think it helped but I was warned that it might kill my liver or kidneys.

Interesting comment "not life threatening" That doctor should try driving to work at 7 am after not sleeping for three nights and see how life threatened he feels.

I think the pharmaceutical companies find too many differing stories with RLS and there seem to be lots of cures that work for a few people. To be fair if anyone really knew much about it the it wouldn't be called a syndrome, would it?



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This is the version I use - I knew it was Iron when I got a small amount of relief by using Black Strap Molasses.

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After working all day on a concrete floor years ago, my feet ached at night. I bought a heated foot massager that sent my RLS into overdrive. Terrible!


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