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Restless Legs Syndrome
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Hi Folks i am wondering big time is anybody at present on cbd oil and getting relief from their RLS.If people are getting relief now please what exact make and strength are you using .There is a big increase in interest and new sources of cbd oil recently so maybe ? Thanks

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I use CBD oil capsules from CBD Brothers but there’s no THC- still illegal here in UK. Doesn’t help my RLS but does induce sleepiness.

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tks Jools


Like Jools, I got no relief with CBD oil and it is VERY expensive. There are lots of people who swear by it though. Try doing a search on it - or even just scroll down through the posts. It's always cropping up.


Tks I D

I have done lots of research and u are right Mostly there is no relief

I have tried some Hemp CBD oil myself with no effect.It seems it has to be cbd oil from the buds and flowers of organically grown,co2 extracted female cannabis plants !!!! Bloody hell !

This I’m beginning to think is medicinal cbd oil vv difficult to get and probably with a THC content above .2% and so illegal in most European countries certainly in Ireland and UK

There is some hope and as u say some people are getting relief

We have to keep hoping!!


If you have been watching the news lately, you will have seen that Medical CBD oil with the THC has been allowed to be prescribed in the UK, BUT, its only for three types of illness, thats epilepsy, MS and for Cancer patients who have chronic sickness from the Chemo, and thats after all other avenues have been tried first.


I've tried several varieties at fairly high doses but unfortunately haven't found it to have any effect at all on my RLS.


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