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I have read on here that ferritin level should be over 100. The neurologist I saw said 50 but to get mine up to that he prescribed huge doses of iron tablets which my poor system could just not tolerate. I have now got it to 50 but in a gentler way. My question is how do you get it up as high as 100. I have ibs and Barrett’s oesophagus so can’t tolerate huge doses of tablets

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Iron infusions are something that ppl here have had- hopefully one of them will come on to relate their experience.

The Iron Disorders Institute site deals with all aspects of iron- they have a good email forum, which would give you advice.

I take vit B12 as methylcobalamin (1200 per day) oral spray to raise HGB after phlebotomy, but not sure if it raises ferritin significantly.

All the best.

Once you have reached 50 with tablets you will struggle to get levels higher in the same way. It will slow down to a trickle. Stuffing yourself full of rust will just make you ill.

I would ask for an IV iron infusion using ferric carboxymaltose. That will get levels up fast, after which you can attempt to maintain the levels with a kinder version of iron such as Ferric Bisglycinate, which does not constipate, does not make one nauseous, and which you can take with meals. Why doctors do not use it I cannot imagine.

Alternatively, you can keep levels up with Floradix Iron Supplement. That is plant-based, and the kindest of all.

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My gp suggested floradix but I have been using ferroglobin which I got a deal on in Boots. Also tried spatone. I think chances of getting infusion on nhs very slim. Last night for some reason they didn’t bother me. Had son and partner here and we were in garden till quite late so maybe my dopamine levels were raised naturally.

PatchMD is a transdermal delivery - bypasses the digestion system entirely. patchmd.com/Iron-Plus-Topic...

Sadly don’t have it in uk. Thought website was only uk based

Oh great thanks

Also Vitron C is a combo iron & Vitamin C that is easier on the stomach.

Mine was 70 and it’s generally known that people who have RLS need to be over 100. I had an iron infusion to get mine over 100. It ended up being 615, then dropped to 400 within a year. Don’t know what it is now. I’m not due to have it checked til October.

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