Ferritin levels

As an avid reader of the many experiences posted onto this site and a RLS sufferer I have read that Ferritin levels can be a tell tale sign of a likely cause? If I recall a Ferritin level of 100 should be a minimum to aim for?

well I have just received my blood test results and my Ferritin level is 75?

I would welcome any observations. I am taking one tramadol capsule and one 0.5mg ropinirole and have been taking this drug combination for about 4 years with great success but I believe augmentation is starting to occur. I have been waking up at 4.30a.!

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  • Just waking at 4am is not necessarily augmentation. Is your RLS getting worse? When you wake up, do you have RLS or is it insomnia?

    Definitely consider upping your ferritin levels to get to 100 though and ask your doctor to monitor you.

  • it's definitely the effects of rls. The legs start kicking at just after 4am in the last couple of days!

  • Oh dear

    Maybe consider upping the tramadol- take another when you wake at 4 am?

    Also consider taking iron bisglycinate ( tell your GP) at same time to up the serum ferritin above 100.

  • Which Tramadol are you taking- ER is the longacting one. May be worth trying if not already.

  • That's interesting. I had no idea there was more than one type of Tramadol. Looking at the packet with bleary eyes at 4.21 am!! I see that they are 50mg Tramadol Hydrochloride capsules. I guess if they were ER it would have that printed on the packaging?

  • Yep!

    The ER version is 100mg.

  • My ferritin level was 70 and my doc sent me for an iron infusion. Those of us with RLS need to have levels above 100.

    As an aside, I take gabapentin.

  • legs started jerking at 4.21 am again must do something. Interesting that it's almost the same time each morning now for the last 4 days? I will make an appointment with the doctor regarding my Ferritin levels first & see if that improves the situation. At least I am getting 5 hours sleep!!

  • Recently had two Ferritin infusions, sadly no improvement as yet with RLS.

  • The dangers of iron supplementation are iron overload - a critical condition. But you are so far away from those numbers that you could just start iron supplementation - Ferrous bisglycinate. Of course notify your doctor. More on the iron connection here... hopkinsmedicine.org/neurolo...

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