Went to see my neuro dr on Thursday think he's giving up on me seeing we've tried every meds under the sun he doesn't seem to believe in fibro nor does he think i'm depressed hmm on so little sleep it's would be enough to cause anyone depression he doesn't believe in BFS either everyone twitches lol he's prescribed Amitriptyline im almost certain i've had them before and im almost certain i reacted bad to them he says they're for pain and not an antidepressant not from what i've read lol anyone else had them before ?

Merry Christmas to one and all and all the best for the New Year x

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  • Your neuro is useless. :( Amitriptyline IS a anti-depressant, but can work for pain too, like alot of meds that work for several ailments. BUT, Amitriptyline is anti-depressant that is on the no no list for RLSers, it can make RLS worse for 99% of people. Only a few find they can take it and it doesnt make their RLS worse. Have you ever tried a combination of the meds. ?

  • I didn't take any will respond below so everyone gets to read whats happened so far im not happy .

  • He is NOT a keeper. I hope you can persuade your gp (phc) to find you a new neurologist. Preferably one with some medical knowledge.

  • im under two neuro's both of which are rubbish use to see another one only saw him for about 5 mins he didnt want to see me again lol

  • Lol I was turned down by no fewer than 3 neurologists because they said they didn't have the expertise to treat my condition.

  • i feel that with mine one of them is a parkinson's specialist with an interest in RLS the other is a back,spinal specialist i feel as thats all he talks about not once mentioned RLS even when i have lol .

  • Amitripline is an old time antidepressant known as Elavil. From what I've read this is from a class of antidepressants that will impact rls. Does he know you have rls? If I were you I'd get a second opinion.

  • amitriptyline (Elavil) is in a class of antidepressants called tricyclics. Been around for years. They have several good uses discovered over the years but not, to my knowledge, for ris. Who is this neuro so I know not to go there.

  • sadly don;t get much choice round here :(

  • replying at the bottom i didn;t take them meds ... story so far........

  • Yes I take them it does really help me I have increased as you have to start low now I on 3mg at night from 10mg with good effectcso give it ago love also I use magnesium oil to rub on legs and hand arms

  • story so far....... i didn't take the meds went to see a GP not one i've seen before i don;t know him nor him me told him what the neuro wanted me to take and why i shouldn't take them blumming DR wasn't much use told him about the RLS and how depression is most probs caused by lack of sleep and other problems i've always suffered from anxiety since i was a child.

    All he kept on about was loneliness asking me how long i've been on my own and how much contact i have with family etc! i kept telling him im NOT lonely he said he'd get mental health to phone me with an appointment to talk about it ggrr told him im hearing impaired anyway they phoned me made appointment appointment date was on Friday couldn't make a damn word the woman was saying leaving me frustrated to say the least , damn GP gave me a perscription when i saw him he showed me in the med book all the SSRI's turned page it stating at top of page OTHERS..... (whatever thats suppose to mean) he told me the tables aren't SSRI's hahahahaha! got the meds read the leaflet hmm... meds called SERTRALINE anyone heard of them or had them? they ARE SSRI's GP lied to me p***** o to say the least can't get over the fact all he kept on about is me being lonely which im not blimmy you can be in a house full of people and be lonely just because i live alone he assumed im lonely ggrrrrrr sure everyone has down days i know i do lots but not because im lonely after been on my own for 18yrs i couldn't live with someone ful time it'd drive me nuts lol . Sorry i've babbled on lol only wanted to know about Sertraline lol anyone???

  • Hi gypsy49 I was goig to sleep but got up due to flu sx and my rls. I live in the US. I googled sertraline and verified what I already know. Sertraline,which is a generic form of the drug Zoloft, is most definitely an SSRI antidepressant. (Selective Seratonin Reuptake Inhibitor.) It isclosely related to fluoxitine (Prozac) which is pretty frequently written about as NOT being a medication that is helpful for RLS. In my opinion, Everybody is lonely at times; it's a normal human emotion. Sometimes we may need help coping with it, often we get through it just fine on our own.If I though I needed help, I wouldn't choose to go to a GP-especially not one I was seeing for a medical problem whp was focusing on a psychological issue. The late actor/comedian Robin Williams once said "The only thin worse that being lonely is being lonely in a hose full of people" (I'm paraphrasing). Anyway, I'm 73 and have lived alone in my senior living building for the past year after years of living with other family members. Not everyone needs or wants to live with others. Yes, I have lonely times but I'd losemy mind if I had to live with family members again. I like my own company (maybe the GP doesn't like his/her company!) I don't know your situation but that's not why you went there in the first place. I hope you find someone that can really help you. It's very telling that after you let him know you had a hearing problem he still insisted on using the phone without providing another way to reach these people. It says to me he wasn't listening to you.

  • Exactly my thoughts too of course we have lonesome times but like you i couldn't live with someone lol i like to do what i want when i want ,eat when i want ,watch tv when i want what i want lol yeah sure itd be nice snuggle up with someone but say bye bye after a couple of days lol gawd knows why he even mentioned loneliness i know i didn't i only mentioned the meds the neuro has given me and that they were wrong for the RLS maybe he thinks RLS stands for loneliness lol .

  • found this not sure if its of value but makes an interesting read ..

  • BTW just looked the Huffington Post artile. Looked interesting. I noticed the author was a PhD named Ellen Dickensen (double check my spelling by pulling up the article.). Might be interesting to see what else she's written. Just a thought. Sometimes I get more helpful info and leads from this blog than I do from live doctors. Just my opinion. Keep reading and asking questions. There is a lot of knowledge shared on this site.

  • Glad you liked the artical too i thought it read of interest aye good idea to look up the lady PhD see what else she has to say :) ,

  • recheck spelling of her name it's Ellen Hendriksen, Ph.D. :) x

  • I've emailed her to see f she has anymore info something that can be printed off .

  • Well. you are no further along with getting help than when you last posted. And as i live in the UK which you know, changing doctors is not easy, when you HAVE to have a doctor that is in your area. Have you ever asked to see a sleep specialist? Sometimes seeing one of those or pain management can be more helpful than a stupid GP and stupid neuro. Not sure if you would have either of those in your area, your doctor would have to refer you.

  • Aye i know what it's like trying to change Dr's in the town near where i live there's only two dr's practists each with about 5 to 7 gp's of course not all on duty same time i can't only see two of them really as the others first language isn't English and being hearing impaired i don't understand them , my neuro has written to my gp stating something about me going to Shefield not sure whats there it's like an hour and half trip for me and i don't like traveling i suffer with anxiety when traveling ggrrr . never seen a sleep specialist besides RLS i know i have bad insomnia most probs due to having RLS for so so many years now.

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