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RLS Poems from Sufferers

In my yahoo support groups for RLS, I ran a poetry contest for people of all ages and all sleep disorders. I had lot of contributions. If you like the one I putting in the blog that is great, but you would need my permission and the author's permission to post it elsewhere. I think this one is one of the most appropriate ones, but it did not win. The winner was a 13 yr old boy who has RLS along with his brothers and sister. Hid mother joined my groups to help her kids, who ALL have RLS, poor things.

Poor RLS

Poor RLS, it gets a bad rap.

At any time, we know where it's at.

We complain about it, but the truth be

RLS has given much to me.

When it hits and I am up all night,

I walk the floor, but that's all right.

I clean the place, and dust and shine,

So, in it's own way RLS is friend of mine.

It has caused me to seek out others;

Moms, Dads, sisters, brothers.

And, I've made friends everywhere.

they let me know that they sympathize and care.

Cyber friends I may never meet,

all because we have "dancing feet".

But, when I need a friend to share,

I can msg this group, and someone is always there.

So, RLS isn't all bad.

Just look at the friends I may never have had.

And, as for all of us walking the floor,

we can come to the group and add a few more.

copyright-2012 Lora

So who wants to srite some poetry? It is a great distraction and not as hard as you think when you sit down and just start typing. :o) Just for something to do. :)

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Its a great poem..!! It looks as if my effort with my poems didnt cut the muster, and i didnt get a But i enjoyed taking part.... :)

So, have we anyone on here, who are poets in the making.!. :)


Sorry, had to give the prize to the kid, because he was so excited to be able to sit down and describe what RLS is to him; it was good, but heartbreaking. He sat down immediately and started writing, making himself late for school. :) ALL the poems were good; After I picked his and Jack's, written from the point of view of his 3 yr old grandson "sitting on Grandpa's lap;why won;t his legs hold still? Because Grandpa ha\s to take a pill" LOL The AWWWWW factor made me pick that one. This one was 3rd prize. :)


can we see the winning one ..pleaseeeeee :* :)


If you do it again next year, i will try The winning poems deserved to win... :)


RLS a bug to bear

tis true that I have had my share

walking round the house at night

when I should be tucked up just right

Trying the meds, is this one OK ?

will I get a decent sleep when I lay ?

will I get to dream at last

when will this nightmare be in the past ?


Excellent!! That really sums it up! :)


If you can't beat it - write a poem!

Love these~


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