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Restless Legs Syndrome
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Electrical stimulation

Just wondering if any one has played about with Electrical stimulation? I've had acupuncture in the past, it didn't fix things but I did sleep a little better on day of treatment and was very relaxed.

So I have bought a cheap device with loads of different settings and putting the pads on acupuncture points that was used while in treatment. On both feet/legs I have put one on in between big toe and the next toe (will over lap) plus one on the inside of ankle above the ball bit. If you get it right a 30 minute on a strong setting will leave you with a pleasant tingling all over the bottom of your feet and some times your legs well after use.

You may find at the start that it is unpleasant as acupuncture can bring up the symptoms in the process of fixing the aliment. So if you tend to get cramps and pains with your RLS you may trigger that to start off with but that shows that your doing it right I think.

Still don't help overly with sleep but if done at night you can go to bed with some nice feelings instead of right out stress and restlessness like I normally do. Helps to use in the day also if feeling restless or if your on a really bad day. It's safe so could use multiple times a day if you like. Would be pointless to do any more than a hour at a time tho as there is an after effect that will last some time.

There is more points up the inside of the leg that would be of benefit so playing about with the positioning to find what works for you and maybe getting a 8 or 16 pads system :) Waiting to see what Santa brings ;). Don't need to be directly on the acupuncture points just need at lest 2 pads to stimulate the channels. You do need to use the right pads as 2 pads will be a negative charge and 2 will be a positive charge. So you want a positive and a negative on each foot/leg or not much will be happening at all. More expensive devices may be different but you will know when there on there as it should be reasonably a strong sensation.

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Is this a TENS machine?


I have used a TENS to experiment with RLS relief. Sometimes it helps, other times it doesn't and even makes a flare up even worse. The jury is out for me.


I have used a TENS machine too and found it usually helped with massaging my legs as I didn't then have to pace the floor. Not a cure of course, but blissfull relief for maybe fifteen minutes at a time :)


I ordered something that sounded similar from the US claiming to be a cure for RLS. Strapped round the foot tightly. Totally uncomfortable and didn't help at all. Fortunately I managed to get my $400 back for it.


What was it called?


I went to a specialty clinic where they hook you up to a machine that sends electrical stimulus to affected areas. Over a period of 13 visits I went from bad Rls to barely there, but, after 3 months it came back with a vengeance.


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