Restless Legs Syndrome
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Do you heve "sewing machine" legs during daytime

Do most of us constantly move or shake our legs when sitting during our waking hours?

Subconsciously or otherwise shaking our legs when sitting and usually annoying those around us.

I always a assumed that my RLS started at night but maybe we just stay active enough during the day so we are "always" moving. Satisfy the need to move.

So, do you shake your leg when supposedly sitting still?

Do people around even tell your to stop?

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mine usually comes on about tea time !


Since coming off the Neupro patches my daytime RLS has got worse but with Mirapexine I can get to sleep at nights at least. I do think daytime RLS comes on when we are stationary for any long periods. No one has complained about my kicking yet; most people who know me either say nothing or are surprised and interested in the symptoms, wanting to know more. Saying that, I spend a lot of time on public transport: imagine the scene of me on a bus, very tired and having bad RLS at the same time; passenger sitting next to me has to put up with periods of me sleeping (and no doubt snoring loudly!), then waking up and kicking violently! I'm surprised they don't say something...


Funny you should say this about leg moving during the day when sitting, i am actually doing it now...I always seem when i am at home sitting on my sofa, have one leg, the usual one that it effected by RLS, out straight resting on my other leg, and moving it up and down, or just wiggling it...

I cant recall doing this when i am out and sitting anywhere, maybe when i am out, there is more distraction and i dont think about it.


For me it usually arrives late afternoon and I hold off taking medication till about 6.00pm when I take 1mg Ropinorole. I take another 1mg at 7.00pm and by 8.00pm it's a quick shower and bed. It does appear to be activity related though. I did three days of hard graft in my garden shifting a shed and concrete slabs and never got a twinge. Can't spend my life shifting concrete slabs though.


Gosh my legs kick off 10 mins after sitting down unless I takes tablets and I shake my legs terribly I find kneeling and shaking my feet is better also rubbing my lower back helps calm my RLS but this last week I have been on the neupro patch 2 mg and I have not felt RLS for 5 days now I still can't believe it and part of me is waiting for it to happen :-( big part of my life it's been for years and to not feel it is strange but happy :-) the only thing I get is where the patch is it burns now and then and itches but I will put up with it along as I don't get the jumping legs back!


Occasionally I used to get an onset of RLS in the afternoons at work. If I stood up the jitters would disappear. Working at the computer was awkward while standing but so effective that I started looking for desks with easily adjustable heights. Since retirement was fast approaching I never tried one out but I remember seeing some desks you could stand at...At home while watching tv the silliest relief is to put the offending leg straight up in the air.


Yes, my legs will go like the clappers any time of day or night if I try to stop still. I never sit down for more than about 20 mins per day, certainly never in the evening. The constant movement means I don't notice the symptoms so much during the day. I even have a stand up desk for working at my computer. So you are not the only one!


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