RLS is much more than just annoying!

Years ago, I heard a comedian call RLS the terminally annoying disease and I laughed. Now I know better. Yes, RLS is not going to kill you, but it may make you wish you were dead on occasion! All the women in my family have some degree of RLS. I remember watching my Mom shake her leg while she sat when I was only a toddler. Now I know why she did it. Sitting completely still is not an option when your legs are going crazy inside! Now I have two adult daughters and they have RLS also. Ours, thankfully, is not as bad as some I read about on this site, but it is horribly uncomfortable and interferes with our lives almost daily.

I won't take drugs for my RLS because I am more afraid of chemicals I can't spell than I am of sleepless nights. I use compression stockings. I use Magnesium oil spray and that helps a lot. I try to take long walks daily. I take Paracetomol in the evening. I take vitamin supplements. I drink lots of water and have found that drinking red wine makes the RLS much worse. I hate that! I love red wine. I also avoid aged cheeses (I miss them). It seems that a lot of the things that make migraine worse also affect RLS. Sometimes my RLS also invades my whole body and the only way to treat that horrible, insane feeling is to go to bed. If sleep comes, that is success!

My heart goes out to all of you who have this affliction much worse than I do. Don't give up. Keep trying to live your lives the best you are able. Give thanks for the good days. Support one another. This site is a wonderful place to vent and share information. Use it.

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  • What a lovely blog entry. Thank you!!

  • agreed, and welcome Ruthenium


  • I have also found that this site has helped me emencsely. I only doscoverd it last week after suffering in silence fo15 years. Im so grateful to be able to talk to others in the same position as me. i am trying as best i can to get the word around where i live so that others who are in the same place i was can see that they are not alone and that there is a brillant site where you can get support and advice .thankyou so much healthunlocked!!!!!!!!

  • It always helps to have support and to communicate with others that understand. Otherwise we feel isolated and misunderstood. This site is a great help!

  • I just joined and I am already feelling at home. So I feel the same like you.

  • Amen to that... I don't have rls nearly as bad as some on here but you have said what I have wanted to perfectly. This site is wonderful and I have picked up so many tips for when or if my rls gets worse as I am not at the stage of taking meds yet. Take care!

  • Thanks for your amen, Susie. I'm thankful for this site because it gave me the magnesium oil tip and I've been helped by that. I'm hoping your RLS never progresses and so meds are not necessary! You take good care as well.

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