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Restiffic restless leg foot wrap


Hi, has anyone tried this? I found it on the site - they are £199 + vat which is a lot of money , although they do offer 30 day money back guarantee. It is billed specifically as a RLS treatment.

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I think a number of people in the USA found it helps but not sure I'd want to spend money in the hope it'll work.

Compression does seem to help though but I bought compression socks from Boots for about £6. Sometimes they work, sometimes not.

EveW in reply to Joolsg

Thanks for your reply Joolsg - I will have a go with the compression socks first; much cheaper!

DC22 in reply to EveW

I bought them on 30 guaranteed money back. They were badly designed took about 20 minutes to get them on properly and we're uncomfortable especially to sleep in and on top of that they did not work at all for me lol

Search on Restiffic here for longer discussion. I gave them 20 day trial. They did not help and we're uncomfortable. They are vastly overpriced. $50 might be reasonable. If putting massage pressure on bottom inside of foot between heel and big toe seemed to help u could give them a try.

That is very helpful, thankyou

Has anyone seen the youtube video by a lady neurologist who explained that our brain reacts to compression by calming the area but reacts to pain by making sure we feel it?

Ahh! I think it was about a foot compression device to relieve rls. So compression stockings would seem to make sense.

Interesting, thankyou.

Neil46 in reply to EveW

Found the video on youtube.

Hope that is reachable


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