Restiffic Foot Wrap now Available in UK

I attach a link for anyone who might be interested in buying the Restiffic Foot Wrap featured earlier this year in the Daily Mail. It will be available to buy for £199 with a 30 day money back guarantee from 1 November from It's a lot of money, but then so is everything to do with trying to find relief from this disease.


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  • rip off. I did the research on the "studies", how they were "invented" and they are no better than the 30-40 dollar foot wraps you can get in drug store. Swear on my life.

  • They do seem a lot of money for what looks like the band they put around your arm to take your blood pressure. If they were priced at around £35 I might try them but I think they are overpriced. I had assumed they had some sort of electrical impulse in them, but they just look like a bit of stiff foam with some velcro to wrap around your feet. Interesting...

  • nope they are crap, simply stated. I did my research on the company, and you would be shocked or maybe not.

  • 😷

  • More Snake Oil.

  • Can't see them doing anything for my torso or arms!

    They seem to be saying that the problems stem from muscular pain in the feet! Why else would manipulation of muscle work. Good to know I am no longer Iron deficient in my brain and there is nothing wrong with my dopamine levels!!!

  • I think I've been seriously deficient in something in my brain over the last year judging by the amount of money I've spent on supplements, support tights, copper bracelets & other gewgaws that are supposed to help RLS.


  • Desperation takes us strange places and to try strange things. The only thing I refuse to try is the soap in the bed sh1te!!!!

  • To my everlasting shame, I admit I've even tried that!!!!

  • and that is why I wont try it, 'll spend the rest of my life kicking myself for being so gullible but when things are bad!!!!!!

  • hi joolsg if you cut out the piece in the daily mirror that DR Miriam Stoppard wrote & take it along to your GP(that's what she has wrote) you might & I mean might get something similar on the NH if you live in GB.

  • I am in England but not sure my GP will be helpful. I'll give it a go though. I'm not going to spend any more money as I've learned that most of these things don't work.


  • I have to admit that I did try the soap. Like you say needs must. Unfortunately it had no effect whatsoever.jonjo

  • You couldn't make it up could you? We have all tried so many weird and wonderful things.

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