Restless leg syndrome

Hi, I have been dealing with this for about 6 years. It's very annoying. I was prescribed Gabapentin it works for me I have to take 300mg. 3xs a day but I hate to take meds. So I was only doing one capsule around 5pm. It worked for a few months but lately I feel like it is getting stronger and now I am experiencing the urge to crack my knee.. this is driving me insane because I want to sleep but once I lay on my bed it starts right away . I am new to this website so any suggestions? Do I need to take Iron or ? Maybe I'm go to up dose the medicine but I would like to know if anyone knows about any home remedies that works Naturally.


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  • Hi Geanie, if I were in your position my first step would likely be to increase the dose of Gabapentin.

    Regarding the iron many of us are getting benefit form using 25mg of Gentle Iron on an empty stomach in the evening. Too much iron can cause problems so worth checking with a Dr to make sure its safe to take.

    Hope things improve soon, take care.

  • Yes I did but I sometimes forget that is my problem. I was prescribed to to 3 times day.

    I hate to take medicine but definitely started to take 2 time's one 3pm. Then 8pm.

    Thanks for your response!!

  • As far as I am aware if you take more than one dose of iron a day the latter doses aren't absorbed for some reason or another - hopefully someone more knowledgeable will chime in on that.

  • I don't understand what are you trying to say. Do I take Iron for the RLS?

  • Yeah 25mg of gentle iron taken ONCE a day on an EMPTY stomach in the EVENING. The rational being the iron stores of an RLS suffer is depleted in the evening since we can't store it in the brain properly hence the worsening of symptoms come evening. The empty stomach helps with absorption. I think washed down with OJ again to help with absorption.

    Hope this helps.

  • I want to know does the Iron work but doesn't it cause constipation? And does I need to take it every night?

    Thank you!

  • The iron bisglycinate is truly a life saver for me. Even though my iron stores are slightly over 100 my doctor told me to take ferrous sulfate three times a day to see if it would help with the RLS. Instead I listened to people on here and took the form of iron known as ferrous bisglycinate only once a day - or should I say an hour before bedtime on an empty stomach. I just need the one 25mg capsule. If the RLS seems unusually bad then I might take two before bed. I was able to stop the codeine because of the iron. Some people on here are trying to raise their iron stores to over 100 and then stop the iron. Mine is already over 100 yet the bisglycinate helps as long as I take it before bed. Initially I took it in the morning, not having read about the evening thing, and it did nothing for my RLS.

  • Thanks for answering back. But I take Gabapentin so do I stop taking it? While I start the Iron?

  • Can't say. Don't really know much about that gabapentin. But I don't take any medicines or supplements after about 6pm. I learned the hard way. I was taking zinc in the evening for an ulcer and I believe it was making my RLS worse and I was taking two iron capsules. Then I realized that the RLS got worse around the same time I started the zinc so I stopped taking it in the evening and my RLS went back to just being bad and not crazy. Then I did a little research and read that zinc blocks the absorption of iron.

  • I wouldn't they don't interact and both should help. I take iron with a variety of other drugs and supplements.

  • Search this site for natural meds. Everyone is different so what works for one person may not do anything for another.

    Magnesium Threonate, ferrous bisglycinate can help some people. Others try cannabid oil, & some find a low FODMAPS diet works. Homeopathy also seems to help some people.

    I have tried alternative meds, diet and every gadget known to man over the past year but the only thing that keeps the constant RLS at bay for me is heavy meds.

    It's definitely worth giving things a try but, as Raffs says, perhaps go back to the original dose of gabapentin if it worked for you.

    Hope you get it back under control.


  • Restless legs syndrome (RLS) is a disorder that causes a strong urge to move one's legs. There is often an unpleasant feeling in the legs that improves somewhat with moving them. Occasionally the arms may also be affected. The feelings generally happen when at rest and therefore can make it hard to sleep. Due to the disturbance in sleep, people with RLS may have daytime sleepiness, low energy, irritability, and a depressed mood. Additionally, many have limb twitching during sleep. Restless leg syndrome may resolve if the underlying problem is addressed. Otherwise treatment includes lifestyle changes and medication.

    I have suffered from RLS twice in my life, and both times I cured it quickly with a simple exercise using the exercise machine. There are many exercises you can do with a Bullworker but the one that treats RLS is the one where a foot is placed in both straps on both sides, and then the legs are forced apart against the pressure of the straps that are attached to springs. The strengthening of the leg muscles will alleviate the RLS symptoms in just a few weeks with regular use, just follow the exercise sheet instructions to increase strength in the offending muscles.

  • I had understood RLS to be a neurological problem and nothing to do with muscle weakness. If I could try to build up my leg muscles and eliminate RLS I would but I confess to being a little dubious

  • I am currently taking Gabapentin and I'm telling you if you take 300 mg twice a day it works for RLS. I take one about 3pm. And the other about 8pm. Because it would get stronger at night.

    I hate this Condition. Sometimes I forget to take the 3pm. Then the leg's start it's frustrating. Then I take the 8pm. Sometimes it's not enough but then the following day I make sure not to forget. So I know how this crazy RLS can get. I hope you will get the relief from this Condition!!

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