Aggressive treatment approach to RLS not giving up

I ordered the Relaxis Pad.It has money back guarantee and a spokesperson who helps with questions . I am on Ropinerole bu keeping it to lowest dose possible.I am on a ketogenic diet and have lost 20 pounds.I take Zanax for insomnia.I am on CPAP and events are decreasing . I am on Bupropion for depression which is a RLS friendly antidepressant. I take a multi vitamin supplement ,D3, magnesium ,iron,folate .Also considering Buspar which is a RLS friendly antianxiety drug.I started bioidentical hormone replacement therapy and am continuing Levothyroxine for hypothyroidism.Retiring from teaching next year which will hopefully decrease stress.Still have RLS but intensity has decreased.

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  • Hi.You certainly have lots going on. I can say from experience that retirement makes a huge difference to quality of life with RLS. Hold on in there! If I were you i would take early retirement if possible. I did and have never regretted it. Please post about how you get on with Relaxis. good luck.x

  • Thank-you and I will keep posting about Relaxis and whatever other treatments I try.

  • I was getting worried, not having heard of Repacks before, that it was like some of these TENS pads that are sold under differing names. I recently spoke to a physiotherapist about not having been given any medical advice, other than get a TENS machine for knee pain. The physio said it's possible the electrical impulses have damaged my nerves and so, bingo, I get RLS! :(

  • Don't understand how the tens unit damaged your nerves when some people use the tens unit to treat RLS.

  • According to the physiotherapist I spoke to, incorrect placing of TENS pads can cause nerve damage. He was surprised I had not been told where, now and when to place the pads.

  • Sorry to hear that❤

  • Good luck, Tazmania1, I applaud your tenacity. I have a Relaxis pad. It is not a 'silver bullet' for RLS symptoms but I would not be without it nonetheless. It is great to have something to fall back on when all else fails, especially something that is non-pharmaceutical. I find it particularly helpful if I go to bed for a rest during the day (it may be more helpful for you once you retire therefore). I hope it works for you ... even better than it does for me.

  • Involuntarydancer how did you get your Relaxis pad, did you order from the States? X

  • It was a bit tricky. I had to provide a prescription (that was an interesting GP visit) and I had to provide the manufacturer with an address in the US to deliver it to (I have an aunt there). Then she sent it on to me. It cost her nearly $100 to post and then I got hot with import duty this end of over €100. It ended up being exceptionally expensive. There is a European distributor - I have some emails from him. Will check and see if I have contact details for him. I think it might work out much cheaper to get it from him.

  • So far it is helping.. However, Carl is wanting me to slowly wean off Ropinerole..I'm scared.. cause the RLS will come back with a vengeance... When I get brave enough ,I will let y'all know.

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