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magnesium glycinate help


so its nice Rahim told you about magnesium glycinate but I can find all that out under google, we needed info from anyone who has tried sister tracey has, she swears by it, she is actually bringing me a bottle of it today...buuuut it makes a difference which one you get and how much you pay...she goes to amazon and gets that one, it is like $39 - 45 depending on the day, you know how that goes, she also gets liquid, says it works better, you can buy one for 12.95 BUT she said it doesn't work as well or as quickly as this one does...she said she has never been a sleeper nor have I, but since taking this she actually goes to bed and sleeps plus it cures her I guess I will give it a shot although I do essential oils and I do a mix of peppermint wintergreen grapefruit lavender and I put it in a spray bottle and add a little carrier oil doesn't matter what it can be vegetable oil ...and I spray it on my legs rub it in and it goes away....I just liked the sleep idea lol

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Best selling Mg Supplement on Amazon is Doctor's Best. I've tried it an most every other form of Mg. I usually get a paradoxical reaction from any Mg - more excitable than relaxing. I do use Mg. oil spray on my legs in the AM.

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