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45 years of restless legs

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I have had restless legs every night for the past 45 years. The severity has gradually increased over the years and has led to several visits to the doctor. I have been on 4 different medications, none of which helped. On a whim, I bought a bottle of magnesium spray oil from the chemist and have been using this twice a day on knees and calves. I have also started taking a magnesium supplement. My RLS symptoms have almost completely disappeared. I still feel twinges in the evenings but they don't last more than a few minutes. I apply the oil as needed. It sings a bit and dries the skin but the disappearance of this wretched condition more than makes up for any temporary discomfort.

Hope this helps others.

14 Replies
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Hi Purple :)

Welcome to the forum. it is very interesting to hear what helps people suffering with RLS. It appears to be a very individual thing but so pleased that you have found something that is giving you a positive result after all those years. If it keeps working, which I so hope it does for you, is so much better than prescribed meds, aye?

Hope your weekend goes well,

Kaarina :)

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Within 3 minutes of reading this result, I had purchased magnesium oil on Amazon UK. Not expensive and totally worth a try!

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rs8purple in reply to Ruthenium

Hello Ruthenium

Do hope it works for you as well as it worked for me. Thank you for yur feeback.

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beady3 in reply to rs8purple

So pleased magnesium worked for you, I have read so much about it have bought flakes and diss tiled water and make my own this is my last hope it's got to work. To make its one cup of mag flakes you boil one cup diss tiled water pour on flakes when cold use beady3

Hello Purple,

Like you, I have had RLS for 45-50 years. It has gotten much worse over the years until it became "unbearable" after hip surgery. I have had both hips done during the last 2 years. At the moment I take 4-6 ropinirole ( more than the limit) and welcome any other suggestions from other sufferers. Thank you so much, Purple, for sharing your success with the magnesium spray!--- I'll be ordering some right away! Years ago I took levadopa, which kept the RLS under control for ca.10years with no apparent side affects. Then it stopped working, sadly, and I had to go on ropinirole and gabapentine.

Lately I have learned about another oil called "Night Time Leg Calm". It is organic and seems to help quite a lot. I have only just started to use it. My surgery was 2months ago so the RLS is slowly getting better, going from severe to bearable. At this point I'll gladly try anything that has helped others!!

You can google "Natures Inventory.com" to find out more about the oil mentioned above. It comes from the USA so may be a little troublesome to get a hold of for people living in the UK. I live in Canada. This product costs $14.95 pr bottle plus shipping but it's worth a try!

Good health to everyone!---and thanks for sharing!!

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Hi Im taking MELATONIN Supplement at the moment + it is helping,

My RLS BUT i was taking 3mg + some people say the dose should,

Be 9mg, Give it a go it might help???????????????

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Hello Bambrick

Thank you for taking the time to feedback. RLS is a miserable and very real condition that the medical profession seems to have overlooked or not deemed serious enough to research properly. I hope the magnesium oil spray helps you and thank you for the information about Night Time Leg Calm. I go to the states every year so will look out for it on my next trip. Everything is worth a try.

Many thanks


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I live in the UK and ordered the magnesium spray from Amazon.co.uk. It's already on it's way to me!

I tried the Night Time leg Calm...it didnt help with my RLS...But for those who try it and it works for them, all very good...


I have tried the magnesium spray but unfortunately it didn't work fr me so was very disappointed. It just made my skin sore. May be i should give it another go. Very glad it works for others though.

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Hi just saw your post. I've had some success with Arnica gel, it might be worth giving that ago

All the best

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Doesn't the soreness or stinging indicate

you arer deficient in magnesium

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Hi Millidog

I am sorry to hear the magnesium spray didn't work for you. Unfortunately, it does sting a bit and is very drying. I hope you find something that helps bring you relief from this miserable affliction.

The Night Time Leg Oil only calms and helps with sleep but sadly has no effect on the RLS otherwise. I had a lot of trouble sleeping, sometimes being awake the whole night, and now find that this Leg oil helps me to sleep for 5-6 hours at a stretch, which is quite a relief.

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