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Restless Legs Syndrome
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RLS and low iron

I too suffer from RLS but i have been taking vit B3 B12 Magnesium 2 iron tabs vit E and vit C.. I was taking one iron tablet but recently went to my gynocogist because i have such a heavy and long menstrual periods..im talking 3 to 4 weeks long periods with very heavy bleeding and clots..My Dr. Tried telling me it was normal. It was just pre menopause!! Well luckily i went to my gyno. She did blood tests and told me i was very anemic!! I since upped the iron up to 2 tabs. One in the morning and 1 before bed. My RLS has calmed down alot. Some nights i dont even have the effects. RLS is definately linked to low iron levels for sure.. Please have your iron checked out!!!

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Good for you in persisting.

As I was reading your post I had it in mind to ask you what your hgb level was- but you gave me the answer.

I hope all goes well in the future for you.

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