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Restless Legs Syndrome
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RLS and Iron...a little relief

Hi...this last 2 weeks I have been gorging on greens,broccoli,vegetables and have for the most part had some relief from the symptoms of RLS and although some nights I`ve not had much sleep on others I`ve even have had a few nights of "proper" sleep where I`ve slept for 6 or 7 hours...oddly,though,there have been some nights where I have experienced slight symptoms and last night was one of them...so it seems as if a lack of iron is one of the causes of the symptoms for me...guess I`ll have to increase the dose...broccoli for breakfast too !!

On another point...has anybody ever tried "Chinese Herbs" for the treatment of RLS ?

Years ago I was treated on the NHS with Chinese Herbs for Hepatitis C liver disease (that led to cirrhosis) and thought it a good treatment in that it did reduce some of the symptoms and disorders I experienced ...although it was "western" medicine that finally got rid of the disease...I have been wondering if this could help with RLS and if anyone has tried it ?


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I have tried Chinese herbs for RLS but it didn't work for me but I did get some amazing relief from a Chiropractor who has since left the state of Queensland.


Thanks for your reply Spudellen.


Hi Steve

Have you tried eating a banana before bed? I find this helps.

Thank you for your comments about vegetables. Very helpful.

Best wishes



Hi Cathy...thanks for the reply...I have been eating bananas quite regularly along with vegetables etc...but since writing the above and having a bit of relief for several nights the last 3 nights have been an ordeal...spasms in legs and arms and no sleep,again...it does seem as if RLS has a devious mind of its own and circumvents all attempts at reducing it...I shall continue with my new healthy diet as I`m told it can take months for the body to get back to normal iron levels etc...my diet over the past couple of years has been really terrible and it is clear that my body would be lacking in certain vitamins and nutrients etc.




Like you, I thought when my RLS started, that I had a curable condition and all I needed to do was find the formula. I am only 18 years younger than my mom and was able to talk a lot about genetic inheritances with her. She was, in every way, a pioneer family girl. Word of mouth from both my mom and my dad, gave me an oral history of family records.

It seems that every malady has a genetic past for me. I have a blood disorder that may have killed 2 or 3 of her male siblings in infancy. She had 9 sisters who every one, had RLS or some worse, involuntary movement, but lived from age 90 to 106.

I tried everything to find a solution to my severe RLS disorder and in the process learned a lot about it.

!. Doctors, in general, know less than the sufferer about RLS and have never even considered the fact it is a serious disorder.

2. When the doctors say ''practice'' they mean ''actually'' practicing and sometimes practice on you, when they know full well that it will not help, but they get paid any way.

3. Sometimes there is a nutritional cause, but more often than not when you mature, at around 40, if the genetic trait is present, you will have RLS the rest of your life.

4. If you are really lucky, you'll find a doctor (neurologist) who has had some patients they were able to help, in some way.

5. Don't be hesitant to try drugs as a solution to living with RLS. (I tried several drugs, but have settled on one dopamine agonist or another)

6. Don't make the mistake of becoming an addict to stronger opiates than you need, to feel normal, and never use any drug as a means to get high just to forget the misery of RLS . ( I have several relatives who have abused drugs and used inherited RLS as an excuse)

7. Don't give up the search for a good doctor and never form a loyalty to one who knows less than you about RLS.

If you have any history, that is ancestors, who were (Eastern European) Jewish (as I have) or who were Icelandic, or were Cajun, or were French Canadian, or were from the Applachian Plateau (as I am) then just treat it, it's genetic and of this I am 100% sure.

Good luck, if you read this far in my diatribe. lol



Hi Windwalker...thanks for your reply and information...so far I`ve yet to receive any medication or treatment for the RLS but will bear in mind your points...I`m currently almost off of the buprenorphine I take and don`t really want to go back onto any opiates...but,if needed I guess I`ll take,or at least try,what is offerred by the doctor...I just don`t want to become addicted again...my last bout of addiction was kicked off by being burned in a petrol flash fire and while in hospital I was given morphine and thus became addicted so I know that route all too well...(all in all I am very lucky to have no scarring from the burns)..but I`m digressing...up until the last few months I hadn`t experienced the spasms every night but in the last 8 or 9 weeks it has been every night,aside from the few nights relief I had after gorging on vegetables etc...but the last 3 nights have been "back to normal" with the effect that I am now so tired that I will try whatever is suggested...cuurently I`m still hoping my RLS is caused by secondary means as opposed to the hereditary link...nobody on either side of my family has had it but both my daughters experience RLS,one of them much more severely than the other,so maybe the RLS has been there but never reared its ugly head until now.

Living in hope !!



Steve, This is not a scientific fact in your case, but here are some facts about inherited conditions. If both parents have a recessive gene for anything, then it will be dominate for you. They may both possess the recessive gene for red hair and blue eyes and fair skin, but themselves are dark haired, dark skinned, and dark eyed, but your offspring will surely have red hair, blue eyes and and fair skin.

The Monk Gregor Mendal, observed the rules for inheriting things.

You how have an established line of inheritance for generations to come.

Had I know when I was young, that I was dooming my children, grandchildren, and so on to RLS, I would surly have obstained from reproduction.

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If you have RLS and your daughters have RLS, then you all have the genetic link. You have passed the gene down to them. Either your mother or father or even both would have had RLS, maybe not triggered tho. One of your parents have passed the gene down to you. Living with the genetic RLS, will usually mean taking meds to survive to bad nights and suffering with sleep deprivation.

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Hi Elisse...thanks for the reply...yes,I guess I have been hoping that I didn`t have the genetic link as nobody has ever experienced RLS in my family...but I guess it starts somewhere...alas !!



Mine is genetic too. :( Inherited from my father, also my brother suffers too. Of course my father wouldnt have known what he had or would have gone to see his doctor about it. I remember him sitting on the side of his bed and thumping his legs. Eventually my parents slept in single beds, as i guess my mum got fed up with him moving in the night. I think my fathers was quite mild compared to mine. I dont remember him saying how tired he was or sleep deprived.


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