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Fybromialgia and ME


I've just watched Dr in the House on UK tv.

The doctor treated a woman diagnosed with the above conditions and a prediabetic woman and her diabetic mother who had markers for heart attack. The ME lady was taking a cocktail of medications many of which I've read about on this site. He advised:-

Cut out dairy and processed foods and sugar in order to reduce inflammation.

Avoid tv and phones at night in bedroom to avoid 'blue' light. Wear 'amber' glasses to reduce 'blue' light. This is to improve sleep quality. Do yoga before bed.

Walk in sunlight for vitamin D. The lady was lacking B12. She was on 17 tablets per day / reduced by half in 6 weeks. Plus they all lost weight. Prediabetic ladies reduced sugar levels from 17 to 4.

Basically same advice to all three women. Improve gut bacteria, exercise and have time to relax ie yoga before bed.

Hope this helps

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Similar to what a specialist advised me. He recommended avoid Gluten too, (inflammation) and meditation to help with the anxiety.

For those of us that don't get much sun a Vit D supplement is required.

I watched this too and was interested in the diagnosis. It'd be great if you had a personal chef to cook for you everyday or to tell you what can and can't eat. Gluten free stuff is expensive and soy milk is rank 🤢.

2everett in reply to Sweetfa22

I carry seeded Oat biscuits, date and nut bars and nuts around with me so I'm not tempted to have bread or biscuits. I've cut out dairy and potatoes.

If I fancy a dessert I bake frozen berries and when they are cooked I sprinkle chai seeds, chopped hazelnuts and ground linseed on top.

I always felt I eat healthily but I eat s lot of 'cr•p' well. Now, none of it tempts me.

My weakness is a small beer when I am out but I've noticed that it does affect me.

Sweetfa22 in reply to 2everett

Sounds like you're coping well. I've zero willpower. Addition to chocolate in any shape and form. I hate waste which is why I don't have one 😂(waist😜) x

raffs in reply to Sweetfa22

I have that same addiction man do I love chocolate!

Hi Everett,

I've tried so many different diets which seem to work for a while but end in disappointment later. Currently I am trying an anti- inflammation diet which includes goats milk and carrot juice ( not together!). My rls has improved so much that I reduced my Ropinerole last night. Didn't sleep well but no rls or plmd so am continuing in hope.

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