I have suffered from RLS for decades. Tried massage, exercise, homeopathic concoctions, magnesium, iron, name it, I tried it. I could be up 3- 5 hours a night trying to settle my legs ( I am 67 and retired ). I first read about the peanut butter remedy 8 months ago, but passed on it as being too ridiculous to even consider. Then 3 weeks ago. at 4 am I was desperate and remembered the peanut butter. I had nothing to lose. One heaping teaspoon of PB and 15 minutes later my legs settled down. Obviously a fluke. Tried it again BEFORE I went to bed the next night.... no RL. I have not missed a night of PB before bed and have not had to get up once in 3 weeks !!!!!!! I still have the occasional bout of RL late in the evening before my PB, so it is not a cure, but do not ignore this remedy because it sounds crazy. I have no idea why it works, but it works for me. And tastes good too.

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  • Wow I wonder what is in peanut butter that would help? Do you take any meds for rls? I love peanut butter so no harm in trying it

  • Yep- Joe Black (aka Brad Pitt) absolutely loved it.

  • Hi taralebrun. That is the most incredible thing I have ever heard...and I say that in a good way. I'm with you, whatever works...go for it! Thanks for sharing that information. Who would have known?

  • I'm off to raid the cupboard!

  • Peanut butter is high in magnesium and potassium, both of which can help RLS. It's also a great snack because it has protein, carbs and fats in a good balance. I sometimes eat a tablespoon of peanut butter on celery before bedtime - I only use the natural kind because sugar sets off my legs. But that's great that it relieves your RLS so dramatically.

  • I am not sure that I should move on to peanut butter and give my meds a miss. Perhaps I can try the pb with the meds and see what happens! It's good that it helps your RLS.

  • I tried it last night- it certainly prevented that" hungry in the small hours" feeling that often presages rls.

    I will certainly keep it up.

    I used a natural nothing added version.

    Thanks Taralebrun.

  • This sounds like great news. I will try some and if it works for me I'll change my diet and keep trying. I have been on a Low Chemical exclusion diet for quite a while which has resulted in zero RLS while I stick to the diet. It will be marvelous if I can either forget the diet or just stretch the boundaries a bit.

    Isn't it frustrating to think that someone knew about this months ago (probably years ago) but the greatest communication system known to man couldn't reach us and tell us about it.

    Interestingly at times when awake I would feel like something to eat. Sometimes that something was a rice cracker with peanut butter. Sometimes my RLS went away very quickly. I assumed that it had annoyed me long enough and my RLS saw that dawn was breaking so decided to let me sleep. At other times the food didn't seem to work so I kept walking but happier because I had something in my tummy. Now I wish I had kept my diary well enough so I could tell if the nights when I got relief coincided with the nights I chose peanut butter as my snack.

    Of to the peanut butter jar before bed tonight and then perhaps onion and garlic on my steak tomorrow!!



  • Yes, have tried PB and also relieves, but so do many nuts. All contain magnesium. Try a high dose of magnesium. I use 500mg magnesium from our health shop, but don't need to take it every day - perhaps 2 or 3 times a week. Have faith.

  • Thank you for this post. It's always fascinating to hear of helpful foodstuffs. I hadn't heard of peanut butter as a treatment before. I often mix my cannabutter into peanut butter to take in the evening. I never considered that the peanut butter was itself having a positive benefit ...

    You might also like to see my post on marmite!

  • Ok. Will try some PB...why not? This is all interesting enough to experiment with this. How much is everyone using,?

  • Most people don't realise the power of foods, they think that to be effective, chemicals need to be processed, and packaged into a pill or medicine. Unfortunately for me peanuts give me bunged up ears, so that I get half deaf at the slightest hint of a cold. It's foods that cause RLS for me. Mainly E202 preservative which brings it on within half an hour.

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