Restless Legs Syndrome
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RLS relief

Many years ago a doctor in Belgium gave me magnesium (Promagnor 450) in powder form for RLS. It was fantastic. As magnesium is very important in many body functions I take half a sachet every day for a week and then have a week off. I very rarely suffer at all but if I find in an evening that if I start to get painful legs I immediately take half a sachet and the relief is almost immediate. Unfortunately I can't find the powder form in any pharmacy in the UK so I order it online, as I don't find magnesium tablets as effective.

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Interesting, do you mix it with water to take?


Yes with water and after I've eaten something. I only use half a sachet as my intestines tended to go into overdrive with a full sachet (gurgling away full time!!! ) I get the sachets from Farmaline. You have to spend a lot to get free postage so I buy in bulk. Rather have lots of magnesium in the house than pay extortionate rates for postage.

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