Worried my three year old daughter has RLS

Hi everyone it's been a while since I was on here, had so many things going on in my life that my mind was always elsewhere! I often watch my little girl sleep and I see her legs jumping and she bangs them up and down on her bed I get nervous thinking she could have Rls at such a young age 😢 I still have a visual monitor and she is awake now flicking her legs up and down , I think she is too young to understand or explain anything to about rls as she often tells me to keep my legs still when mine kick off! I don't know what to do 😢

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  • Kids fidget move and are generally a ball of energy so personally speaking I wouldn't pay too much heed to that.

    Kicking in sleep is PMLD and not RLS - in MY PERSONAL experience it is much less disturbing than RLS.

    My parents told me of taking me to see Drs when I was her age because of pain in my legs that I was told was growing pains, (which I believed until my early 20's!). So I was able to communicate my suffering at that age and would take myself as a average person. Kids may not be able to explain clearly but should still be able to explain pain and discomfort. Does she complain about her legs?

    When my kids were younger my eldest complained of sore legs, particularly at night, and my youngest would complain of restlessness at times. As a parent I was devastated as I have given htem RLS which I knew was so terrible. Turns out my eldest drank Tonic water and it helped, (so either cramps or some psychosomatic thing) and my youngest stopped complaining!

    I think as people with RLS we can be hypervigilant and see RLS where there isn't any. She tells you to keep your legs still, if she was unable to keep hers still I'd imagine when yours are going she'd mention hers.

    Best thing, in my opinion is if she is showing no distress nor ill-effects I'd put it down to childhood, wish I'd done that instead of spending weeks fretting!

    Take care.

  • Hi Rish, i remember when you had your baby, cant believe she is 3 already. Its hard to know if she has RLS or PLMD if she her legs are jumping and she is asleep. Yes, she will not understand what it meant by having RLS. Is she complaining her legs hurt.? As in like, my legs feel funny, to you.

  • Also- I would be inclined to look at her diet. Are there any foods that could be triggering the rls.

    It's such a wide subject - but colourings , rising agents ( biscuits , crunchy type sweets- in fact all sugary stuff.) I've posted elsewhere a comprehensive list of potential triggers - you'll likely spot a few suspects in there.

    Not everyone responds to the same things- I suffered dreadfully as a child until I figured it was rising agents in cakes and biscuits. Trial and error.

    Good luck.

  • Hi Rish,

    I remember you well too. :) I think raffs has given you good advice. You are bound to be looking out for symptoms in your precious little girl, if you know what I mean, in case it may be hereditary. It is a perfectly natural thing to be doing. At least she is sleeping well at night. Try not to worry too much, difficult I know. You look after yourself and enjoy your little girl's company at this lovely age. :)

  • Thank you all for your advice 🙂 Maybe I am just looking for it all the time as my grandma , mam and me had and have Rls my two sisters don't have it and I'm seeing my little girl doing this which is making me think she will get it! At the moment she is beside me she has been twitching and restless most the night! and yes she says her legs and back hurt I have had her to the doctors about her back and they can't see anything wrong. My husband thinks she says it because she knows I have back pain so I don't know on that one! Thank you and hope your keeping well apart from the lack of sleep😞 X

  • Hi Rish, I've had RSL since I can remember. Just thoughts everyone’s legs got sore when they sat down to watch a film or in the car! I have a 3 year old too and every time he complains about a sore leg my mind races, so know where you’re coming from. Think others are right though, kids twitch (have taken a heel to the eye in the middle of the night!)

  • Thank you 😊

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