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I saw my neurologist about my augmentation of Mirapexin and he wondered if I had sleep apnea and if I had periodic leg movement in the night, I went to our local sleep centre and yes I have sleep apnea as well as restless legs they recommended this awful mask to wear I can not bring myself to wear it as it is very restricting, I am very overweight so am going to go back to slimming world AGAIN !! as I did not have sleep apnea before I put on all this weight, has anybody else had this problem and if so what is the answer ?

Help !!


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  • Carrying Excess weight is a big contributory factor to sleep apnoea so you are moving in the right direction with slimmers world, (don't forget to get as much exercise as you can reasonably get as it will speed up and make the weight loss easier).

    Maybe try sleeping well propped up in the bed.

    Good luck with the weight loss

  • In terms of losing weight - give up the white stuff--- sugar , white flour and white carbs (pasta etc) Eat as much veg , fruit and meat as you like! Magic.

  • Hi I am waiting to go in for the sleep test ,had a letter the other day saying It should be in within the next couple of months,they seem to think I have the same as you ,I know I have periodic movement at night , and apparently I snore real bad according to my husband,was talking to someone the other day that had some sort of machine they were supposed to wear at night but partner couldn't stand it ,not sure if it was the same as you have ,I have put on a lot of weight over the last few months to very depressing ,

  • There are many different masks to use for CPAP. They have come a long way, and there is an adjustment time, but we need the oxygen we are missing when we have apnea. So far, I have been able to avoid the CPAP. Good luck, Mopsy!

  • I've been using a CPAP machine for many years. It's a huge benefit, you need to get over your fear of the image thing, really is your health worth risking for the sake of aesthetics?

    Just to clarify, a CPAP machine doesn't increase oxygen only deliver air at an enhanced pressure. This ensures your airways are open and clear ensuring more effective breathing while you sleep, hence improving sleep quality.

    Yes it does take a few days to get used to, but the benefits are well worth it!

  • Absoultely lose the weight and that may cure your sleep apnea. I have apnea and i am not overweight. There are many different styles of "masks" that are used with CPAP therapy. The style i use is very lightweight and unrestrictive. There are two soft nasal air ports that fit below my nose and is held in place by a head strap. My mouth is not covered by a mask and i can talk with it on.

    It took me a couple months to adjust to using it and now it hardly bothers me. I've been using it for six years and i get much better sleep. The benefits were apparent almost immediately.

    If you must use a CPAP - don't be fearful of it. Its really not a big deal if you give it a fair chance. In my case, the benefits far outweigh the inconveniences. Best of luck to you.

  • How has your RLS been lately Jp?

  • Hi tredlight, my RLS has been better recently, thank you. Currently i have mild RLS nightly but i'm able to get to sleep. I take no meds. I ordered the gentle iron and will take as needed. Severe RLS seems to occur in spells with me. Fortunately i havent had to try the iron yet.

    Your posts are always sensible and well written. Thanks for all the valuable info you have provided.

  • Thanks Jp, but listen to my advice at your own peril. I have restless body at the moment. I'm experimenting with a substance that is supposed to be a dopamine "antagonist." With the idea I would try to "up-regulate" my receptors. I should know better than to take a dopamine antagonist at night. I guess I just had my doubts that an OTC substance could pack such a whollop. Haven't felt like this since the days when I was taking melatonin. I put an iron patch on at 1am. Now after 3 and RLS is finally beginning to fade, maybe. I can see why the iron will not work for someone taking clinical amounts of SSRIs. You live and learn. Let me know what happens when you give the iron a shot.

  • hmmmmmm, i think I said yesterday that that was not a great idea, to try an "antagonist". What did you take over the counter? like you said "live and learn" Is the iron not stopping your full body RLS today, tredlight?

  • It's my thang woman. Took berberine last night. Took it a few hours ago too. Will continue for a few months. More importantly I just got done folding laundry and one sock got away. I mean come on, what's the deal with the socks? When we die does someone hand us a big bag and say "I think these belong to you'?

  • HUH...! ?

  • not quite understanding the socks, but it is funny how they just disappear.

  • Have apparently had sleep apnea for sometime ,only put weight on last few months ,it is a combination of tabs and finally retirement which I spent so many years looking forward to ,but have had enough already ,so back to casual work this week can't wait ,funny we work all our life, looking forward to the time we can stay home and do want we want ,but even though you find plenty to do you miss the habit of going to work and getting the extra money to spend

  • Being overweight can sure cause sleep apnea, that is a fact. Many, many people have this problem. I have slight apnea only because my throat opening is too small, they wanted to do surgery to "open it up". Now I have had 17 surgeries in my life time, and THAT is not one that they are going to get to do. I draw the line at cutting my throat. But, avoid smoking, alcohol especially, since alcohol can really mess the neuroreceptors in our brains. But, losing a few pounds will help apnea for sure. like I said I have mild apnea. and 70% of people with RLS also have PLMD, so you are definitely NOT alone here. :) You asked what the answer is, and for your case, it is losing weight for the apnea. So, you are augmenting on Mirapexin? Can I ask what dose you are on and for how long? It is important. :)

  • Dear nightdancer

    I have had restless legs for over 30 years have tried all sorts over the years, Mirapexin seemed the best started it about 10 years ago and gradually had to go up to 3.15 slow release daily, myself and obviously the doctor did not know about augmentation, had to see a neurologist in the end and he weaned me off slowly reducing every 2 weeks started in September last year, I am now on the 0.52 dose which seems to work best with 2 Gabapentin and 1 Tramadol at bedtime.I started that dose in January.

    I will return the sleep apnea mask to the nurse at my next appointment and start slimming world on Tuesday have about 3-4 Stone to lose.

    Thank you for your posting

    Kind Regards


  • Are people aware that if you have a sleep disorder and suffer from daytime sleepiness you should at least talk to your doctor about your safety to drive.

    If you check the DVLA website you will see excessive sleepiness is a reportable condition.

    I personally have had to change my life, my previous career had involved extensive driving or working with machinery, both not good news if you suffer with sleepiness.

    I've since had my driving licence back, but at over 50 and with a medical gap in my career, getting life back on track has proved more challenging!

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