Hi everyone I to just like all of us am getting desperate. This is the crazy part, sometimes when I am sitting one of my arms will get the strangest sensations. It seems like its a warning that your legs are going to start up anytime now. Sure enough it happens I hate when it comes on in my arms. I hate it period all of it. RLS is about to push me over the edge really. How much tramadole do some of you take? I am not sure what augmentation is??? Thank you for your time.


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  • What meds are you taking right now and what are the doses..?

  • This condition can make you feel so desperate, isolated and alone. You are in a great place to inform yourself and find fellow sufferers - many of whom have found at least some relief using a wide variety of different tactics, drugs etc. I don't take tramadol myself at all; I take oxycontin which is a strong opiate but I have reduced from 30mg to 5mg per day over the last 6 months. I think that raising my iron levels has helped enormously. I started at 29 and am now at 79. I am aiming to get to at least 150. I also take other medications (Lyrica) and Kratom. It would perhaps be helpful to have a long browse through the various posts, find others who most resemble your own symptoms and have a think about what exactly you want to know. Information is very important in fighting this condition and it is a struggle to find a medical professional who is particularly well informed. Most sufferers have to take the time to inform themselves. Good luck

  • Get off the drugs and try changing your eating.

  • This is a very interesting paper. It only indicates an association but that's good enough to try the FODMAP diet to see if it helps. Remember the FODMAP diet is not about "healthy" food. Its about relieving the symptoms of IBS and, we all hope, RLS. Perhaps both IBS and RLS are caused by a common underlying condition?

    In general we don't care why it works if it works. Give it a try and you might be surprised.

    Here is a web site that gives away lots of free information and you can also download an App to your smart phone from Monash University in Australia. I expect you get it from your Appstore. Some friends have told me that it is an excellent tool to help look after yourself.

    There is also a FODMAP consultancy at Kings Bridge College and Guy and St Thomas Hospital in London.

    Try to find a dietician that knows about FODMAP diet to help you and get your doctor's opinion in case there are other reasons why the strict diet might not be good for your overall health.

    Search this forum for FODMAP and see what else is available.

  • Not that easy dome all that and was physical wreak

  • I have the same happen starts with arms hands more I stress the worse it gets as like you I know it's going to legs asap do it circle night after night at moment it's subsided as on amitripilene 10mg an hour before bed along with natrazapam the later I have been on for years as shift worker a nurse in NHS hospital but once legs start not even sledge hammer smack on my head won't let me sleep at times very low and on the edge

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