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Not Sure if I have RLS



I have been having problems for a few years, I was diagnosed with Hypothyroidism some six months ago and have been on Levothyroxine since then. My (what I suspect is RLS) started a few years before that but the symptoms are not like the ones I have read about so I am not sure if I have it or not

with me I am fine all day until its time to sleep or lie on the sofa, If I have been lying down for about ten mins I get a sensation that starts in the calf muscle and spreads out fairly rapidly, its not an unpleasant sensation, Its like being on an muscle toner which is set to max. The next thing my whole leg will kick or twitch and although it used to be a mild twitch it is now powerful enough to make my whole body move. walking about does not stop it in fact nothing I have tried so far has stopped it. It just goes on randomly through the night sometimes its bad other its not but it happens at some point every night.

My GP wants me to wait until I am on my correct dose of Levo before looking into it further but when I started reading about RLS i thought maybe have something else, all my movements when I have an attack are involuntary but when reading about it it says people relieve the feelings by having to move legs or arms

any help would be appreciated

Thank you


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Sounds more like cramps to me or Periodic Limb Movement Disorder.

From everything I read movement helps RLS - often it is the only thing that does.


You HAVE to have the urge to move. RLS is voluntary movements. If you put in the search box criteria for RLS you will find posts which will show you whether you fit the criteria for RLS.

KWRYAN in reply to Hidden

Just out of curiosity, what would happen if you didn't move? would it just carry on with the sensations you get or would the urge to move it become so strong that you would have to move it.

The reason I asked originally was that after I suspected I didn't have it but then after searching and reading a few posts I was not so sure anymore. In the post below this one "Does medication help" the poster says how they are bending there legs to stop them kicking out which suggests and involuntary rather than a voluntary movement which is pretty much what I have. I have to wrap my legs together to stop me kicking my wife.

After more searching though it does sound more like PLMD as suggested above but most people have both, nothing is simple LOL

Thanks for the replys

Pippins2 in reply to KWRYAN

Hi Kevin, I would say that you have PLMD whilst sleeping and the rarer form of PLMD whilst awake The golden rule for a RLS diagnosis is an urge to move, an urge which CANNOT be ignored and the sensations are never pleasant, quite the opposite! ! You ask what would have if you didn't move? Well you wouldn't bare it the feeling of having to move is so strong. I am a peace loving person but if someone tried to stop me moving my legs during an attack I would fight them! !! I hope that helps you to understand how strong the urge to move is. The simple fact that you asked the question tells me 100% that you do not have RLS. Just for interest I have the opposite problem thyroid wise, mine overactive (hyperthyroidism ).Good luck with the PLMD. ...Pippins2 x

If someone tickled the soles of your feet with a feather - would you have ,or not have ,to move your feet?

Doesn't sound like you have classical RLS- but no one knows the full extent of this affliction. It is ,after all, a Syndrome- meaning that there are a range of symptoms which come under thia umbrella.

Your situation involves, possibly- nerve or/ and circulation (venous) problems. Check out your salt intake- is it very low? Or do you need magnesium (chelate form)


to me its like when the doctor taps you on the knee when they check your reflex, when you tap the right place your leg moves whether you want it to or not and thats pretty much how it feels. Tingle sensation starts (and its not unpleasant actually quite the opposite) builds up and next thing my whole leg will kick. I can stop it before it kicks by moving my leg but its usually when you are just about to drop off to sleep when it gets you unaware's and does carry on after I have fallen asleep but does not affect me, thats when it wakes up the wife.

will discuss it in more depth with the GP next time I go in fro blood tests see what she says.

thank you for all the replys


If you are kicking in your sleep and you are not aware then that is PLMD Periodic Limb Movement which happens when you are asleep. RLS stops you sleeping. So it sounds like you have both. Did you look at the criteria for RLS in the search box?

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