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Restless Legs Syndrome
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I Feel like I'm Going Crazy

Hello All~~

I'm brand spankin' new here and wish I didn't have to search for groups like these.

Idk if I have RLS. Sometimes it's my legs. They feel like I need to run and run, so I'll get out of bed and jog in place. Lately, just the past few nights, my arms and shoulders feel the exact same way. I can't do very much with them... I had a 4 lvl cervical fusion 1.5yrs ago. So, I rotate my arms like we did in Elem School until they are so tired. But the feeling of wanting to jump out of my skin doesn't do away.

Could this be RLS? I haven't seen a Dr about it yet, but do have an appt with my pain mgmt Dr in 2 weeks who is also an anesthesiologist and very brilliant.

Any thoughts on this would help me.

Thanks ~~

SanAntonioDiva 🙂

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Welcome------If you read through a few weeks of posts here you will get a flavour of different peoples experiences.

Also you could check out these two useful and genuine sites



For a lot of information, which you will need before seeing your consultant.

Look at triggers, medications etc.

Good luck.


Thank you for the info. I truly appreciate it.

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The cervical fusion may well be a thing. It strikes me how many people on this forum have spine/nerval issues together with rls. Just a thought. Hope your anesthesiologist proves to be not only good but also willing to learn from new info.

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Thank you. Yes, she is truly amazing. Had helped me uncover other issues and has had me sell out specialists in those areas. Honestly, she has saved me bc 2 yrs ago I seriously thought about leaving this world bc of all the pain.


Sorry to hear how awful you are feeling. Hope you get the help and relief you need.


Yes it sounds like RLS. I too would check your meds causing it firstly. Secondly try iron bisglycinate or spatone iron for a couple of weeks. Get ferritin iron levels checked. Must be over 100 (don’t accept ‘normal’ as an answer. Thirdly try magnesium oil spray on the affected parts of the body when you get the feelings. This usually works for me but doesn’t work as a preventative measure.


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