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Restless Legs Syndrome
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rls - driving me crazy

Hi all, I am 36 years old and I am battling with rls for the last five years. In fact it has became worse and I now have it every night. It disturb my sleep and drives me crazy at night as nothing seem to help. I get so tired during the day that I have no energy to look after my baby! I was given tablets, Gabanox (Gabapentinum) 300g which give me side effect so I decided not to take them. My neurologist didn't explain this syndrome to me much so I am still trying to figure out what is causing it. Although it seems there isn't answer for it anyway! I wanted to ask you if you use any natural ways to minimise this problem, without taking any med?

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Hi around 70 % of cases of RLS are genetic known as Primary RLS and the remainder are Secondary caused by other factors eg pregnancy, kidney disease, anemia etc. Another cause is certain medications most commonly antidepressant antihistamines and anti sickness meds plus many over the counter sleep aids. If you spend some time scrolling through the posts you will find lots of ideas of non drug treatment that some have found helpful. However I have to say that I tried almost all of them over the years but in the end only medications helped me. Make sure to get your Ferrartin iron levels tested, it needs to be over 50 preferably over 70 for people with RLS much higher than what is considered ok for a non sufferer ,.Pipps x


Pippins has said it all , Milllach .

Some foods act as a trigger- I found rising agent in baked foods such as biscuits was dynamite. But everyone is different - which makes rls so difficult to manage.

Did anything start off the rls for you five yrs ago?

Some non medical things to try would be magnesium oil ( half epsom salts half water by volume) rub the 'oil' on your legs.

Use a massage device on your legs for fifteen mins.

As Pippins says - check out the threads to see more crazy ideas.

If any work for you - then they ain't so crazy. !😂

Good luck.

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Thanks Pippins, that helps. :) The thing is that none of my family has this problem so it must be something else rather genetic. I have bad migraines too which 'might ' have something to do with RLS too. My gp said my iron level is fine, but it wasn't checked whether it is over 50 so I better have it done again. My GP doenst seem to know this syndrome much and the neurologist I went to gave me some tablets without any further discussions. So I feel I am lost! Do you know any RLS specialist around Brighton , UK ?


Hi I have had RLS for years I have tried everything but now I am on ferrous fumarate 210 mg one a day they are a iron tablet and 1 pramipexole for 2 weeks then 2 tablets for the rest of the time I was climbing the walls and thought of doing something stupid but touch wood they are working all the best I know what you are going through Tony x


Thanks Tony, thanks for the tips. I have a similar tablets to Pramipexole and they make me feel awful during the day, although they help at night when RLS arrives. Therefore I decided not to take them, but obviously I need something otherwise it will kill me. I will try the ferrous fumarate and have my iron levels double checked. Thanks


I was there, and yes, it is no way to live. I went through the highest legal doses of Requip and Mirapex. I finally had to find a new neurologist. He put me on the Neupro (Rotigotine) Patch. It is a complete miracle. Many are afraid to try it because it was developed for Parkinson's patients. But I have seen countless RLS posts who are pleased, as well.


I believe Requip and Mirapex were both Parkinson Disease medications.


Sonshine so pleased things going well for you ,I was on Requip 8mgs a day 4 is the max yes the doc said just up them then the day came with a bang, the worst was the head nodding no contrôlé over it ,so please no one go over the stated does change the meds ,all going fine now


Wow....Thank Goodness you got that straightened out.


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