Restless Legs Syndrome
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RLS sufferer

I'm new here and hopefully I can get some good information . Ive suffered on and off with rls for 5 years now. All I use for pain normaly is 150mg of magnesium 3 times a day. Lately its gotten worse again. ive tried calcium/magnesium, vit B,C, E. they help a little. ive used calmlegs but I don't like all that valerian. Tried infared socks and they worked great in the summer months then seemed to stop working when it got colder

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Welcome .

We would need to know just what are your symptoms - pain is not necessarily a major symptom of RLS.

Have you had a medical diagnosis for this condition ?

There are many medications available- but before you go that route - I would look at your diet and current medications. There are many triggers for rls- alcohol , sugar , sweeteners , rising agents , colourings and a host more.

Keeping an intake diary ( food and med) for a few weeks , can point out some causes. Some cause the classical rls "jitters" while others give rise to plain insomnia. For instance - rising agent will give me restless legs but chocolate will just keep me awake . 😠

There is a good list of meds to avoid in the site.

It may well be that you are on some med for another ailment that is causing your "pain".

Looking forward to hearing from you in 3 weeks! - or sooner!

Cheers .

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Captkirk, have you discussed the RLS with your doctor, as there is medication which can help, there is a treasure trove of information and many clued up people. Elisse is very knowledgeable, it is with advice she gave me that i took to my doctor, and she is now getting more informed on the subject .


Hi, i would be agreeing with madlegs. have you been diagnosed as having RLS. Some people can get relief from taking supplements but most of us find they do nothing for our RLS. RLS is progressive so yours probably is doing that now. Some medications can make RLS worse, so have you started anything new medwise from your doctor or OTC.. As madlegs has also said, some foods or alcohol can be a trigger for RLS, which means it sets off the RLS and makes it worse. Ask your doctor for a ferritin level test, which how our iron is stored, for RLSers our ferritin level number needs to be 70-100 at least. Below that number taking iron pills MIGHT help your RLS symtoms, but iron pills is not every ones answer. The website that madlegs is recommending to look at is


Thank you very much I'll speak to my doctor about a ferritin test. I was diagnosed when I had a sleep test.


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