I found myself fancying a ginger beer last evening and so had one, only to then have a better evening. A quick Google reveals there is a correlation with RLS due to the anti-inflammatory properties, although for now I'm sceptical about whether one ginger beer could have had so immediate effect. What are others' experiences? My wife has endometriosis and was given her life back by anti-inflammatory supplements (Turmeric, Pine bark extract and Ginger) and I'm wondering if I should be taking them too...


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  • that is good news for me, as i love ginger beer, and of course it has those properties you mentioned, believe in your experience it is your truth, i will be buying some bottles, because i believe it. thank you

  • I drink a lot of ginger beer for the past six years since I can't drink alcohol, however, I've NEVER noticed it helped my RLS in any way. I also consume ginger in food, drinks and even candied ginger slices , but it hasn't done anything for the RLS. It's great if you have felt some kind of relief.

  • All our bodies react so differently it can be hard to tell. A good diary is essential here it seems.

    People have made huge health impacts from small dietary changes.

  • The anti-inflammatory regarding RLS, is just a theory. I guess like anything else we try if it works then do it.

  • Try it all I say! I have found that walnuts seem to help give me longer hours sleep. (And I only mean perhaps 4 in a row which is great for me) But I am still on medication. Good luck

  • Hello OldHollow,

    Just read your note after commenting to my husband that I had a ginger beer last night and wondered if the sugar in it would bring on the rls which I get most nights but it did not which was a pleasant surprise. I take magnesium daily to ward it off but often take an alkaline drink as well, being a squeeze of lemon in water with 1/4 teaspoon of bicarb soda if I overindulge in sugar. However I did have some watermelon deliberately as that is very alkaline while sugar is acid to rebalance my system. Not sure about the ginger though, ginger beer is a treat on a hot day. Good luck with that. I found turneric bloated me, taken for another complaint. However am interested in the anti inflammatory trio you mentioned and will keep it in mind thanks.


  • One can always try - there is always more than one way to skin a cat! I do not take drugs myself. I have found the iron to have the most effect, I think anyway, but I also take quercetin, which is an anti-inflammatory.

  • old hollow my head mistress used to give us hot ginger for dismenorhea but have not tried it for RLS as I dislike it also it has not occurred to me if it works on this pestilential condition I am willing to try it.

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