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I've just read an article on RLS which states that RLS is more prevalent in people with high levels of inflammation. I had eaten some organic bread and noticed I hadn't got the usual heartburn I get after eating whole meal bread. I was looking to see what was in shop bought loaves as opposed to organic bread. I came across this in a link.

Advice given:

Avoid inflammation steer clear of following:

Omega 6 fats

Processed foods

Refined carbs


Trans fats

2 Take anti/inflammatory supplements

Calcium and magnesium/curcumen/ found in turmeric/valerian/iron/omega3/B12,9 and 6/ginger/VitA and E

3 Eat anti/inflammatory foods e.g. Cherries/peppers/walnuts/oily fish/berries/beets/tomatoes/leafy greens

Hope this helps

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  • Hi, Thank you for that info. I agree. So far it is working for me! I was taking turmeric supplement too but I am not 100% sure about that one. I think it makes my rls worse!


  • Turmeric/ curcumin is wonderful stuff for inflammation. The problem is, that we are not sure of the purity of the ingredients. A lot of rubbish and much worse mixed up in it as fillers.

    I'm trying to suss out a pure source.

    That is what may be causing your problems.


  • Madkegs I order mine from Amazon. You can find organic with pepper. Let me know what you find. 🤓✌🤓✌

  • Thanks- will have a look.

  • Hi

    As advised by others on this site, I have been doing a number of the suggestions I outlined earlier. I'm nervous about jinxing myself by saying I have less symptoms but I have had around 6 good nights sleep on the trot. That's very unusual for me.

  • I believe it is mostly food related in my case too. But it isn't this simple for everyone :(

    Long it may continue!


  • I agree, diet is not the be all and end all for everyone who has RLS.

  • Good advice, I follow some of it but will have to up my game.

    In years to come I believe that we will discover how vital our diet is to good health, and I'm not just talking about 5 a day.

    We are being poisoned by the shite we eat and drink.

  • Hi

    The first article I read was about glyphosate residues in our food!

    That does concern me.

  • Fake news.!

  • Having had the dulce yet then? :p

  • Its only a matter of time :)

  • Elisse is right. Diet doesn't work for everyone. I'm the poster old biddie for super healthy eating and supplements. I only eat organic fruit and veg. I eat at least 10 portions of veg/fruit a day ( mainly veg). I have nuts and seeds. I only eat organic chicken and fish. I take all the supplements and am literally rattling. I don't have caffeine, salt, sugar, alcohol, chocolate or any processed food & Guess what??? It's done **** all for my RLS.

    However, it does work for a lot of people so definitely try it.

  • I did that for a few months and although not the easiest diet I definitely felt a whole lot better. The more processed the food the more harmful it is imho.

  • I definitely feel healthier on it but it hasn't done a lot for my RLS. I'm on pregabalin which is notorious for weight gain and oedema and , touch wood, that hasn't happened and I suspect it's because I eat this diet. I think if I ate normally ( curries/processed food/bread etc) I'd blow up on the pregabalin so I'll stick with it.

  • Wow, how do you do 10 portions of fruit and vedge, I can barely manage 5 , well done 😃

  • Banana with gluten free porridge for breakfast. Papaya with grapes, nuts, seeds for lunch, Fish with courgette/carrots/tomatoes/sweet potato/aubergine and cabbage for dinner followed by grapes. My diet is very restricted and boring in a desperate attempt to reduce severe RLS. It sounds even more boring now I've written it down.


  • Joolsg good for you.

  • Hi joke, How long have you been doing this restricted diet, and I suppose the big question is,. Is it working ?

  • Over 8 months and no it's not doing anything for my RLS but I'm sticking with it because I'm on pregabalin so that causes rapid weight gain and oedema.

  • How much oxalate in that diet?-- not a criticism- just a genuine wonder??

  • I'm in the low FODMAPS camp at the moment and, as I'm sure you'll know Madlegs, the low FODMAPS is the complete opposite to the low oxalate diet. Haven't got a clue which one is supposed to work best, so thought I'd choose one and give it a go. There are strong proponents for both diets, swearing that it's stopped their RLS.

    I actually don't think I'm someone for whom diet will make any difference but at least I'm feeling a lot healthier in other ways (apart from the chronic sleep deprivation and my MS symptoms).

  • Good luck! I am now on healthy living style instead low foodmap diet. Onion and garlic was not a trigger for me from the list nor some of the other ones :)

    Hope it works for you!

    B. X

  • 😶

  • Shoot howdy. If it was diet wouldn't that be great news. We've been vegan / vegetarian for several years and try to do all organics bla bla bla....

    But I must say I am going back to some good turmeric caps and go at it with higher dose. Will let you know.

  • I saw on TV that you need to cook the turmeric with black pepper to activate the curcumin.

  • I have now given up turmeric as it makes my rls worse. :)

  • Oh that sux. We only can hope and try right?

  • Yep. Everyone is different x

  • Isnt too much turmeric bad for you... ?

  • Depends. I'm heading into 3000mg and fine. Really helps with pain. But always ask your pharmacist or Dr. It's recommended for arthritis now up to 5000mg for severe days.

    Arthritis Today magazine had some articles. The cancer forums are touting it for helping too.

  • We have to remember that RLS has been around for centuries, first observed back in 1600's and who knows how far back, probably right at the beginning of the human race. There was no processed foods, no pesticides, no over farming of the earth etc etc. I DO believe some of us have food triggers or drink triggers. Why, ? who the heck knows why. Also 70% of RLSers have Primary RLS genetic.

  • There are many articles about anti inflammatory foods, acidic alkaline foods, eating non-gmo...etc. All very interesting. And turmeric along with boswellia help reduce inflammation greatly. Yes. In order for turmeric to be absorbed into your system at therapeutic levels it must have black pepper mixed with it otherwise it's just a seasoning and passes through your system. Be sure to purchase organic and you should take at levels of 2-3000mg. But make sure you tell your dietician or Dr if your taking other Rx.

    There is a inflammation blood test you can have. Mine came back fine. Sadly I wish the rest of my tests came back as good.

    Yes sugar, my big addiction, is horrible for inflammation. I would love a big scone with frosting right now! 😊

    There is so much on diet and inflammation. Some swear by keto. Others Paleo....

    Great topic because good health overall helps all of us. I will follow your topic. Ty friend. Best to you.

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