Does anyone get Gentle Iron (Ferrous Bisglycinate) prescribed on the NHS?

Hi, I only recently joined this forum, despite having had the problem for many years, and the first thing I learned was to try iron. I did this, with cheap (14mg?) iron tablets from a discount store and, lo and behold, it works! The only trouble is I have IBS with constipation. The iron is wreaking such havoc on it that even my normal prescribed laxatives aren't working. I tried stopping the iron but the RLS came right back. My question is can you have Iron Bisglycinate prescribed on the NHS via your doctor, or do they only do the standard anaemia iron supplements? I'm asking because the Gentle Iron is quite expensive! Anyone who has asked for it at their GPs, or even better who is being prescribed Gentle Iron by their docs, I'd love to hear from you. Thanks!

P.S. While I'm here, if anyone has any other recommendations for avoiding constipation or helping constipation while treating with iron, I'd love to hear them. Thanks again!

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  • Movicol would be standard treatment.

    Magnesium oxide is a cheap laxative- but I don't know if it interferes with iron absorption . Worth Googling.?


  • Thanks, Madlegs (great name!), but I'm already on Movicol. It's the best laxative I've found for my IBS.

  • Why would iron help? I thought dopamine was our problem, like Parkinson's?

  • There is information 'out there' that suggests that iron does help and having taken iron recently to increase my levels, my RLS has stopped. It's worth getting iron levels checked out and if low to supplement. Dopamine requires plenty of oxygen and therefore iron, as do other neurotransmitters. RLS is a muscle issue, as is Parkinson's. Exercise such as stretching and walking, particularly walking in the fresh air, helps reduce symptoms of RLS.

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  • Strange but maybe I'll ask my doctor about it. It has to be the expensive kind?

  • It doesn't have to be expensive. Your doctor will know what to prescribe. Also, ensure your intake of vitamin C is good as well. Otherwise, no point in taking iron.

  • Info on the iron supplementation - I use Albion Ferrous Bisglycinate Chelate less than $5 US.

  • $5 aint bad. Does it really stop the RLS?

  • Only for some people.

    The iron you need to get checked is" serum ferritin"- blood iron is different.

    It's all about blood brain barrier and dopamine transportation .

    Anything Albion do is good. Ferrous Bis Glycinate is supposed to be the best.

    There is absolutely no guarentee that an ordinary general practice doctor will be up to speed on any of this.


  • Dear Chancery, did you try the more expensive iron? Was it worth it?

  • Hi Oolong, no, not as yet. I'm doggedly working my way through my cheap bottle first! With constipation/IBS like mine (nothing helps it) I can't work up the enthusiasm to pony up for the expensive one on top of this. However, when my cheapie one runs out I am going to try the expensive one. I'll let you know if it makes any difference, although I doubt if it will!

  • I think the more expensive one is supposed to be far less likely to give you constipation. It has not given me any problems. The last time I was given regular iron it caused bad constipation

  • Thanks, Mantel. I intend to try it as soon as my bargain basement one runs out,

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