Magnesium was the key for me!

Hello, I joined the forum a few weeks ago as I didn't know what to do anymore with RLS! I have had is so bad in recent year that I only slept a couple of hours at night. Having a baby doesn't help as you have to be switched on all day. I took med from my neurologist but it effect be badly, I was worse in the day time than at night! Bad side effects. I decided not to take any med after reading many stories that it actually can get worse. Therefore I took it from another nutritionist suggested to take a good supplement of magnesium and some herbal tablets to reduce the stress, also adjust my diet a bit, no milk, bread, coffins, sugar etc ... And rather replace it with spelt buckwheat nuts etc

After a few days I started this treatment my RLS disappeared! I guess it was the magnesium I needed and the diet contributed . I love my neutritionist!! Anyone living southeast of uk..I can recommend her!

Being able to sleep properly now, has changed my life!

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  • Congratulations, just one question, why were you eating coffins? :)

    I'm taking Mg supplements but unfortunately still getting bother with the RLS.

    Good luck and long may it continue.

  • Same thought crossed my mind. How ghoulish?

    I wish it all worked for me.

  • Did you realy have rls,you were very lucky to sort yourself out long may it last ,I have had rls for 47yrs do so much to sort myself out but not the luck you have had

  • Great news. I am in the South East, Surrey .

  • if you think it would help you too, I can recommend you my nutritionist . Its worth a try.

  • Yes please x

  • Sorry for the delay! You can contact her via email, her name is Louise and email address is: She is quite busy these days till Oct, but I am sure if you explain what is your concern she'll find a time for you.

    Good luck x

  • Glad this is working for you! Magnesium does not unfortunately help everyone but there is no doubt that a minority of sufferers do report an improvement. Will you come back in 6 months time and let us kno if it is still working (I like to monitor these things, I am odd like that lol ) .Pipps x

  • Sure I will. It has been two weeks and still ok. Fingers crossed it will last! Thanks for your previous advise Pippins! x

  • Is your diet just no wheat or lactose? or more extensive? I would be very interested to hear some more about it as I have been trying the FODMAPS diet which is primarily for IBS , but apparently it does work for some people with RLS. So far the jury is out where my legs are concerned, but the alternate methods really interest me. Thankyou

  • HI, mainly I stopped coffee, alcohol, milk (replaced it with almond milk) less meet, wheat...try to eat more green leaves , super foods, beans, eggs, oily fish, nuts, fruit..all the healthy stuff really and lots of water!. I have noticed that milk doesn't do good to my intestines which might have caused my IBS in the past.

    hope it helps a bit.

  • Hi, yes that does help - it is pretty much what I do, expect I am also avoiding beans and gluten (wheat, rye, barley), but allow myself caffeine up to about noon in the morning and still have a glass of wine in the evening ;). Thankyou

  • which supplements do you take?

  • I take a magnesium at night as well as other meds. I also use the spary if it gets really bad, and that certainly helps.

  • I too am interested in the type and dose of magnesium you take I have been taking some but do forget and do not take 3 a day as recommended . will be interesting to know how you get on.

  • Magnesium tablets don't help, they go into the stomach. Your skin is the biggest organ in your body, consequently you must concentrate on the skin especially your LEGS.

  • How do I get magnesium? Can I get it from food or buy pills?

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