Restless Legs Syndrome

Restless legs and arms newbie!

Hi, I'm a 26yr old mother of 2, worker bee and uni student. I am currently undergoing diagnosis for suspected Lymphodeama and have also just found out my iron is very, very low. I didn't think to mention this at the time when I saw my doctor, but after researching my symptoms and putting 2 and 2 together, I think I may have secondary RLS. Over the last few weeks, every night my legs and arms have a constant ache! It feels like someone is squeezing them to the point I HAVE to move them to relieve some sort of imaginary pressure. Is this how others feel? How do you manage it? I'm taking sleeping tablets in the hope it helps me sleep as I'm just exhausted all the time! Any advice or suggestions would be great, I'm also taking iron tablets now so hoping that will relieve the symptoms? Thanks so much in advance.

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There are so many descriptions of the rls symptoms- but the major number one is ' having to move legs to get relief '

Pain is very personal and everyone has a different threshold and tolerance.

Your questions cover a lot.

I don't know what effect lymphodema may have. But sleeping pills will leave you exhausted- try to use ones with a short half life such as Ambien ( with Dr's advice)

My daughter made up a solution of half and half Epsom salts and water ( by volume) and rubs the 'oil' on her legs for relief.

I use a ' thumper' massager on my legs for about 15 mins - moving up and down steadily with pressure.

There are loads of other wierd ideas on this site.😁

As for iron supplements - that is a whole new ball game- people get very passionate on this site about which one you should take.😈

Haveyou checked out -- there are alot of stories on that site- and you can email Dr Buchfeurer for free.

Hope this of some help. Others will come online to give you more advice.

Good luck.


Thank you for replying! I may try your daughters oil mix, the sleeping tablets are definitely lasting into the day which doesn't help at all! Difficult when you have 2 little ones that need entertaining straight after work 😴. Iron supposedly is meant to help relieve or stop the symptoms entirely if it's the anemia that is causing it, so I guess I will notice in a few days if they have helped or not. I hope you and your daughter are managing ok!

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Are you taking iron via your doctor..? Its your ferritin level that has to be tested to see if you actually NEED to take extra iron. No one should take iron pills until you have had your doctor find out your ferritin level. Too much iron can be dangerous. It takes more than a few days from taking iron to get your ferritin level up to what the experts recommend, more like a few months, even then taking iron is not the answer for everyone, but worth trying. But please get your ferritin level tested. Ferritin level for people who have RLS is recommended to be 70-100. People who have Secondary RLS can benefit from iron if you need it.


Hi Elisse,

The iron has been prescribed after blood tests, but only this week. That's how I came across the connection to RLS as I was researching my symptoms and RLS is a common side effect of having low iron levels. I had never heard of it before so this is all new to me. Im going to see how it goes with the iron tablets and hope they help relieve it. I only seem to get the symptoms at night which is the worst part, is this usual? I'm gathering from reading posts that everyone has slightly different symptoms and things that help relieve them!

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I use Halcion sleep tablets- but they are banned in UK. Dr will advise.

Good luck with all- I can appreciate your predicament - I'm in NZ minding a new born and a six and three year olds. Tough going- I hope you have a good support network.

Mind yourself.


Is there anyone out "there" who can tell us what side effects may be experienced by the consumption of these Magnesium whatever tablets. Both short and long term please.


When it tried Magnesium a few years ago now, it was for only a short period of time as they did nothing for my RLS and just used to send me to the LOO all day.


There are many varieties of magnesium. Search on this site for discussions. Or Google - it's too complex to discuss here.. not simple.

It can help you sleep/ soften stools ( for opiates )/ limit effect of gabapentin --- and so on.😈

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so many different explanations....Mine is creepy crawly. Like a wave is going from my spine to my toes. Can't stand it. Have to move. Get up and walk. And it's every night and I think I am going insane. 😫😆😜🙄


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