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Restless Legs Syndrome
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Rls make me :(

Hi, I'm new to this so please be gentle with me !

I think I have rls but its mostly on one side of my body, it really does keep me up a lot at night, it's stared again about a hour ago and I know this sounds silly but it makes me feel like crying and I don't cry much I feel like I just can't cope with it, it's awful :(

I haven't been to the doctors because I'm trying home treatment first, I have done stretches and taken magnesium supplements but its still occurring .

Does anybody have any other suggestions I could try?

Any suggestions would be appreciated thanks :)

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For a while at least low doses of some Parkinson's disease (PD) drugs help some people very well. For example Pramipexole which is a Dopamine agonist that I take for PD but at a stronger dose than if I only had RLS.

RLS may be a symptom of PD also or of anything be a condition suffered as a complaint independently of anything else.


Do your meds work and help subdue the shaking ?


I cry every night while I'm shaking and I have been prescribed drugs for Parkinson's and at a higher does than normal nothing seems to be working so like you I would love to hear of something that truly works.


Hi Tabt

Nice to see you in this forum.

I think most of us resort to a cry now and then - but at the moment I am ok.

I have never taken any home treatments, I went straight on to TRAMADOL which is a prescription med and have been taking for the past four years. I am hoping that I can continue with this and not get to a point when it no longer does the trick.

I hope you can find your 'fix' quickly and dry those tears.

Best of Luck


Lots of people get RLS only on one side. This may help you, a couple of good web sites to read others stories ( as well as on this group) and good basic RLS information. health.com has an excellent RLS section with links to our "favorite RLS webs sites and groups." rlshelp.org is a great help on the treatment page, with the list of Drugs and Foods to Avoid. An RLS expert, who is also my medical advisor, has an excellent way of explaining things to most people. Most people come away from his web site with a little more knowledge or a lot depending on how much time you have! Have a good read, and ask any question you want to! ;) (RLS since 14, so over 40 years) ugh


Hi Tabt!...It has me in tears a lot of the time so dont feel you are ever alone! I wont personally go down the dopamine route. How long have you been suffering? my first line of defence wac nurofen plus. an over the counter low dose codeine and paracetamol. this worked for me for years! now I use prescription strength co codamol.

Barried I tried tramadol as a codeine holiday. I t had no effect on me at all ....weird...I know so many people it has good/bad effects , but me ....nothing!!!!


Thanks, mine seemed to eased over the past few nights, I also don't want to go Down the dopamine route. I've been taking magnesium and calcium plus paracetamol and this seems ok for now, I have had a few twitches but nothing compared to how bad I was feeling last week. I will just see how I get on. Thanks for your message :)


I would suggest reading people's posts here, lots of stories similar to yours. Also, some good web sites will help you. Sometimes "home treatment" just is not enough. rlshelp.org (treatment page, see Drugs and Foods to Avoid) health.com has a great RLS section , with many of my own groups' members participating in getting that section up and started by Time, Inc. I flew to New York City to help out. Always stick to reputable web sites, like those. Stay away from ANYTHING that promises a cure for a price. They are all the same, "We have found the answer that no one else has found, and we will tell you in our book or order our product and you will find the 'simple cure'." No such thing, so save your money. We all do react differently to different treatments, but besides my meds, I do yoga, deep breathing exercises (brings down blood pressure) and meditation. I also lay on my bed put my legs up against the wall and push as hard as I can. My back does not like that, but my legs do. When it goes into my arms, I know it is going to be hours, meds or no meds, before it calms down. RLS has no cure, there are some treatments and meds that DO work for some, but not all. IT is all trial and error. I have a web site that I "inherited" from the RLS Rebel. Jill Gunzel, may she rest in peace ( cancer took her way too soon) was a queen of coping techniques. I am NOT pushing her book, but if you are going to go with all home remedies, that is one book you should have. The money from the books go to the Ovarian Cancer Association, so no one here is making any money off if that. RLS is usually a lifetime thing, can be genetic (65%) and it does worsen as we get older. Ask anything. Someone here will be able to help, I am sure. I am in the US, so my perspective comes form there, but I have met a lot of UKer's. ;)


I managed for almost 40 years with over the counter medication. It's only these last few years I've been taking the stronger painkillers! I was first offered dopamine 15 years ago and would say my rls is severe +++++


I must say, I have tried many treatments over the years, but as night dancer has said above, RLS is something that research has not found a " one pill fits all " solution.

I believe that although it s understand that it is a neurological condition, scientists have no idea what the cause is! So the upshot is treatment is trial and error.

Some of he treatments have very nasty side effects and are powerful narcotics.

I personally would seek medical advice. I know people on this site mean well when they offer advice on drugs, but personally I think it is too big a risk to play with treatments not prescribed by my specialist at Papworth.

It is a journey, I think we all have felt the desperation of not being able to sleep, pacing around, stretching purely to relieve the symptoms..and try to get some sleep.

Good luck and don't despair, it seems most people live with RLS without too big an impact.. May you be one of them..


Hi, I just want to say a big thank you for all your messages sounds awful to say but it's nice that some people feel the same as me(if you know what I mean!) hearing all your responses has made me feel better and it's nice to know people understand. I'm thinking I maybe have medium RLS compared to some people on here who have it bad and I really do feel for them.

I think this forum has really helped as since i Have joined my RLS seems to have settled a bit!

I have been taking magnesium and calcium supplement from boots also and I'm not saying it will help everyone but I feel it has defiantly helped me.

Once again I'm glad this forum is open I feel less alone now in RLS. :)

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As they say it's good to talk!!!!!! Stay close!!! X x x

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sure is :)


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