Restless Legs Syndrome
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Fed up

Hi I'm a 60 he old female nurse who has suffered with rls for 30 years. Gp not interested so saw neurologist privately. Put me on cabergoline which worked well for about 6 yrs then stopped so went on to pramipexole. Been on this about 5 yrs now augmentation kicking in I think. In crisis times I need to wee loads though tiny amounts and desperate to eat even if not hungry . Does anyone else suffer this ? Massage helps sometimes but can make them worse. Hot bath with lavender oil sometimes helps .im sure we all ask "why are they bad tonight " i look at what ive eaten ! I do know they hate alchohol so rarely drink .take care everyone sleep is overated !

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Sounds like augmentation - just search that on this site and you will get all the advice on where to go from here - fairly standard procedure by now!!!!!!!😢

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Have you had any side affects from this?


No just drowsy 2hrs after taking them which is good ! I take them at 8pm . Dreams are a bit vivid sometimes but can cope with that


Ok thanks


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