Placebo effect on Restless Leg Interventions

This is an interesting article (see link below), and may explain why people with Restless Leg Syndrome often get relief for long periods of time from magic copper bracelets, foot wraps, soap under their bed sheets, and even standard prescribed medicines that work for a while, then loose their beneficial effect.

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  • Poor article - what is being tested against the placebo coca-cola?

    Placebo effect occurs regularly that's why we know about it - it's hardly news that it effects those of us with RLS.

    The reasons medicines work and then stop working has nothing to do with placebo and all to do with tolerance and homoeostasis.

  • This is a review of other studies- rarher like the Cochrane review. It is useful and backs up a lot of what some of us have concluded - that there is a large component of psychological effect in RLS. This would naturally lend itself to a placebo effect - from soap under the sheet -( worked brilliantly for me - for one night only!) To magnesium 'oil' ( which works sometimes ) .

    The important point about this article is that it gives more credence to RLS as a medical condition - and the more widely information is spread , the better.

    The deep neuro stimulation already works for some Parkinson patients - it will be interesting to see if the Denver Dr can apply it to RLS.

    I find Coca-Cola is dynamite for restless legs - caffeine, colouring and sugar. Way to go Raffs!😃😎

  • coca-cola, do you take it in any special way and what time please

  • I avoid it like the plague.

  • Cocacola is pure poison ! Eat foods rich in copper and wear copper bracelets 24/7

  • excellent and timely article. it mirrors my therapeutic responce[s]. compound that with different medication absorption and individual Circadian rhythms and you have a more complex and unpredictable disease.

  • Wouldn't let me view, needed to sign up as a Professional? ??

  • I got on straight off.

    Maybe you're banned Pippins???😂😂😂😂

  • Actually- you are correct - my phone is already logged in to Medscape.

    Just checked .😆

  • Ha ha wouldn't be the first time lol x

  • LOL If I were you I would change your doctor. Wear a copper bracelet on each arm 24/7 and eat a copper enriched diet. You can get a list of foods rich in copper on the internet.

  • Maybe a couple of bracelets on my ankles too in order to keep track of where i am!

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